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What We Deliver

  • Website with scores of above 90 on Google site speed
  • Site that delivers in less then 2.5 seconds
  • Site tunes to deliver fast on Mobile
  • Server tuning for cost savings
  • Guidelines so that admin takes due care for all pages created in future
  • Very high cache hit ratio
  • Full page caching, varnish to reduce server load

How We Do This

  • Use of Magento in built profiler
  • Check SQL queries using New Relic or SQL logs
  • Check Cache hit or not
  • Look at the template integration from Full page concept
  • Analyse the server architecture
  • Recommend and use Varnish,Redis and other cache measures
  • Use web speed tools like GTMetrix, PageSpeed Insights, webpagetest.org

Magento performance optimization is our strength

Google is giving more SEO value for a site with speed and reports suggesting that a site slower will lose considerable traffic and sales.

We consider

1. Server execution time: TTFB( Time to first byte)

2. Time to download supported CSS, js, images etc(document download time)

With Magento, TTFB should be less than 1 seconds (some experts suggest 0.3 seconds should be considered as standard time). Using the proper caching system, redis and standard coding plus discussing on what shall be avoided at design level TTFB can be considerably reduced.

Sr. No. Points Before Optimization After Optimization
1 Page Speed Score 57.00 % 90.00 % +
2 YSlow Score 63.00 % 90.00 % +
3 Page Load Time 5.5 Sec 2.5 to 3 Sec
4 Total Page Size 3.63 MB Upto 3.5 MB
5 Requests 90 Reduce Upto 50

We work on various aspects of website components and coding part to reduce the number of request. Those are

  • Merge and compress js and css
  • Image sprite
  • Lazy loading
  • Design changes
  • Reduce 3rd party request and if needed these should be after document download event

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