Magento 2 Speed Optimization

Make the most of your Magento store with enhanced customer experience and efficiency!!

1 S

Load Time

1.2 MB

Page Size

85 +

Performance Grade



What We Deliver

  • Site that delivers in less then 1 seconds on Pingdom.
  • Deliver pages from Varnish cache.
  • Reduce server cost due to effective use of Cache.
  • Guaranteed improvement on page speed scores.
  • Reduced overall payload for faster site.
  • Reduced JS payload by effectively using Advance JS bundle and removing unwanted JS.
  • In most cases we were able to reduce server cost and peek/average memory utilization by an average 15%.

Why Speed Optimization Needed?

A slow site causes low conversion, low sales, a second’s delay in the page loading time can increase the chance of losing the customers.
Our Magento speed optimization experts know where to look for loopholes, analyze the issues, help speeding up and optimizing your store.

How We Do This

  • Install and configure varnish.
  • Use of CDN.
  • Reduce image payload.
  • Reduce JS payload.
  • Remove/Replace unwanted modules and js from the website.
  • Check how and when cron runs indexers and optimize these.
  • Clean data base.
  • Delete images.
  • Explain and train admin on best practices to achieve speed.
  • Improve cache hit ratio.
  • Optimize hosting environment.
  • Debug & fix code resulting in load.
  • Analyze GTmetrix report & apply appropriate solutions.
  • Applying Advance JS bundle.
  • Use WebP images.
  • Check and set configuration based on Magento best practices for performance.
  • Upgrade Magento version along with PHP and Mysql version.

Speed Optimization Scores We’ve Achieved

Our Speed Optimization Results (CLS Improvement)

Before Optimization (Desktop)

After Optimization (Desktop)

Before Optimization (Mobile)

After Optimization (Mobile)

Expected results from our speed optimization services

GTMetrix Score

  • Performance : 75 - 90
  • Structure : 80 - 95
  • First Contentful Paint : < 1 s
  • Speed Index : < 2 s
  • Largest Contentful Paint : 0.5 - 1.2 s
  • Cumulative Layout Shift : 0.05 - 0.1
  • Time to Interactive : 2 - 3
  • Total Blocking Time : < 100 ms
  • Number of Request : < 70
  • JS Pageload : < 800 kb

Pingdom Score

  • Performance Grade : 80 - 90
  • Total Page Size : 1 mb - 2 mb
  • Load Time : 1 - 2.5 s
  • Request : 50 - 60
** Above scores are based on certain assumptions. They might vary based on website construct and hosting setup.

How we deliver fast Website

Varnish Configuration

Varnish cache setup & configuration to faster the website load time.

Media Optimization

Image optimization using picture tag and src set.

Server Hosting Tuneup

We will audit your Magento store performance and provide recommendations to configure, optimize the database.

Database Cleanup

We recommend cleaning up the database regularly. Magento maintains tables that create logs, such as logs for what products have been compared.

Indexer Configuration

indexing is the way Magento 2 converts refreshable data (products, categories, prices, etc.) to enhance the storefront performance.

Code Optimization

Very often website speed issues in Magento arise due to third-party modules, unused extensions, or clashes between various modules.


WebP helps to optimize images faster and reduce image sizes without compromising on the picture quality.

Convert your site to an AMP site

Convert your site to AMP for better performance, more user engagement & retention.

Why choose us?

  • Magento certified developers and solution specialist
  • 20+ years of experience on ecommerce and 14 years on Magento
  • We build everything according to best practices in Magento : We follow Magento best practices in our development approach
  • 24*7 Customer Support

Our Portfolio

Why speed optimization matter

83% of customers expect web page load in less than 3 seconds or less
$18 billion are lost annually due to abandon shopping carts
46% tells their friends about this unpleasant experience
0.1 second delay can hurt 7% conversions
The google algorithm penalizes sites that lack value with a lower rank

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