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Magento Performance Optimization Services :

  • Scores above 90 on Google page speed for desktop (product page).
  • Scores above 60 for Google page speed on Mobile (product page).
  • Pass web vitals.(FCP, LCP, CLS)
  • Reduced Total Blocking Time (TBT).
  • Site that delivers in less then 1 seconds on Pingdom.
  • Deliver pages from Varnish cache.
  • Reduce server cost due to effective use of Cache.
  • Guaranteed improvement on page speed scores.
  • Reduced overall payload for faster site.
  • Reduced JS payload by effectively using Advance JS bundle and removing/Replacing unwanted JS.
  • In most cases we were able to reduce server cost and peak/average memory utilization by an average 15%.
  • Average page time : < 3.0 seconds
  • Average server response time < 1.2 seconds
Pro Tip : We recommend you to check your google analytics to get an idea of your average speed and server response time.

Magento Speed / Performance Optimization Service Packages

Optimize your Magento site with our Magento Performance / Speed Optimization Services Packages.

Choose your Magento Optimization Plan Basic Platinum
Prices (in USD) Ask for Quote Ask for Quote
GtMetrix Product Page score* Above 80 Above 90
Pass the Google Core Web Vitals Improvement
Lazy loading
Reduce JS payload
Guaranteed Result
Free SEO Audit
  Optimize My Site Optimize My Site
*Based on site constructs and opportunities we decide what all should be done on a given Magento site for Optimization. Not all above stated activities are done on each Magento Speed Optimization Project.
*For GTmetrix if you have a dedicated server with Varnish and Magento version 2.3 or above, we can guarantee a score of above 90 on the Home & Product Detail Page. Still want a higher score( Above 85 on GSI ) then we can help you integrate Hyva theme or Breeze theme. Contact us for estimate.

Expected results from our Magento Performance / Speed Optimization Services

GTMetrix Score

Performance 90 – 95
Structure 90 – 95
First Contentful Paint (FCP) < 1
Speed Index < 2
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) 0.5 – 1.2
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) 0.05 – 0.1
Time to interactive ( s ) 2 – 3
Total Blocking Time ( ms ) < 100
JS Payload  ( kb ) < 500

Pingdom Score

Performance Grade 90 – 95
Total Page Size  ( mb ) < 2
Load Time ( s ) 1 – 2.5
Requests 50 – 60
** Above scores are based on certain assumptions. They might vary based on website construct and hosting setup.
For GTmetrix if you have a dedicated server with Varnish and Magento version 2.3 or above, we can guarantee a score of above 90 on the Home & Product Detail Page.Still want a higher score( Above 85 on GSI ) then we can help you integrate Hyva theme or Breeze theme.

How We Do This

  • Remove/Replace JS.
  • Remove/Replace HTML.
  • Install and configure varnish.
  • Use of CDN.
  • Reduce image payload.
  • Use WebP images.
  • Applying Advance JS bundle.
  • Remove/Replace unwanted modules from the website.
  • Analyse cron schedules and reconfigure.
  • Clean data base.
  • Cache pre-warming
  • Load balancers if needed.
  • Install and configure Litespeed if budget allows.
  • Configure Redis.
  • Fine tune Mysql.
  • Improve cache hit ratio( ignored but very important ).
  • Upgrade Magento version along with PHP and Mysql version.
  • Optimize hosting environment.
  • Debug & fix code resulting in load.
  • Explain and train admin on best practices to achieve speed.
  • Check and set configuration based on Magento best practices for performance.

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Speed Optimization Scores We’ve Achieved


Pingdom Score


GTMetrix Score


Our Speed Optimization Results


Google PSI Score – Before Optimization (Desktop)

Google PSI Score – After Optimization (Desktop)


How we deliver fast Website


Varnish Configuration

Check most of the pages are delivered from Varnish.
Modify Varnish file (VCL) to deliver appropriate pages based on cookies and get variables

Media Optimization

Reduce image size.
Image optimization using Picture tags.
Use of appropriate image format.

Server Hosting Tuning

Audit server for Magento performance.
Fine tune setting based on Magento best practices.

Database Cleanup

Configuration to make sure that tables are cleaned at regular intervals.
Manual Audit and cleanup.
Guidelines to be followed.

Cron Configuration

We will audit cron scheduling mode and frequency and configure to reduce peak loads and average server load.

Code Optimization

We identify modules resulting in heavy sql queries and get those resolved/optimized.


Instead of normal JPG we will install modules that make the Magento site deliver images in WebP wherever possible.
Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22

Convert your site to an AMP site

Install AMP module and modify blocks and JS to make a site AMP compatible.

Reduce Network Payloads

We will audit and reduce payloads due to HTML, CSS, Fonts and JS..
Also we will reduce payload for above fold content using SSR( server side rendering )/XHR.
Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22

Reduce Total Blocking Time

We Audit using Google Chrome Tool >> Performance and Take appropriate action to reduce long tasks.
Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22

Improve Web Vitals

We will use different approaches to improve FCP, LCP, Speed Index, and CLS.
Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22

Critical CSS

We apply critical css to reduce render blocking and improve user experience.We follow Magento recommended approach for critical css.
For more details, Check out our Magento Speed Optimization packages
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Why choose us?

  • We Guarantee results.
  • We will show sites where we have delivered those results so no assumptions.
  • Our experts are ready to Audit and discuss opportunities.
  • Magento certified developers and solution specialist
  • 20+ years of experience on ecommerce and 14 years on Magento
  • We build everything according to best practices in Magento : We follow Magento best practices in our development approach
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • More Than 40 Magento Optimized Site

How much Magento optimization cost

Our Magento Packages varies on how your Magento site is setup. Contact us for details.

Our Portfolio

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Why speed optimization matter

83% of customers expect web page load in less than 3 seconds or less
$18 billion are lost annually due to abandon shopping carts
46% tells their friends about this unpleasant experience
0.1 second delay can hurt 7% conversions
The google algorithm penalizes sites that lack value with a lower rank

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