Magento Development Service

We provide everything that your Magento store needs. No matter the size of your store we help you plan, develop and deliver the best results in no time.

We hold experience in developing complex Magento-based e-commerce solutions since 2008. Our detailed approach towards each project has allowed us to keep up with the changing face of e-commerce and create user-friendly online stores that are powered by the latest Magento technologies.

  1. How many years had been your service provider in the eCommerce industry?
  2. Will your service provider exist even after two years? Is he aware of the present eCommerce industry standard?
  3. Can we scale up your website as and when needed?
  4. Will he be an engine for your store growth?
  5. Does your service provider have the edge of an in-house solution specialist?
  6. Is your service provider able to understand your business model & Will be in synergy with your objective?
  7. Does he understand security & privacy policy. Will he adhere to the standard practice?
  8. Is he aware of ready solutions that can add value while not being costly but still of high quality?
  9. Is the team available on call for urgency 24/7 and can they take normal service calls within one working day?
  10. Do they have skilled architects and certified developers?
  11. Are they process focused while keeping the cost to an acceptable level?
  12. Do they have all the skills needed for an eCommerce site?
    • Hosting
    • Security
    • Design
    • Development
    • Solution Specialist
  13. Is the service provider having an ethical track record?
  14. Time difference.
  15. Fluent in language & communication.

While all the above aspects are very important. ROI and growth are the two most important and driving aspects.

Why OSC Professionals?

  • Decades of experience.
  • Work with the latest technologies.
  • Deliver services in lesser time.
  • Offer customized solutions.
  • Extensive Knowledge
  • In-house certified developers.
  • Solution specialist.
  • Certified security experts.

How OSC Professionals help you with ROI?

Working extensively on Magento 1 & Magento 2 has led to us to gain expertise in most of the aspects for a B2C, B2B site and marketplace which is why we require less time to invest in the research process and offer you straight with the solutions in place. Our extensive hold over the domain lets us charge a lesser period to deliver our services if compared to other service providers. To add to this we also possess the above lots of in-house developed solutions that help us to deliver our services at a much faster pace and are economical too.

How OSC Professionals help you grow?

We leverage on the experience of highly qualified, certified Magento developers, solution specialist, digital marketing experts and business intelligence skills. This persuasive combination helps to analyze things in the right perspective & implementing acceptable solutions that are upgradeable and do not have any cascading effect.

Our entire crew of Magento professionals strives to offer you with excellent, end-to-end easy accessible support and perfect consultancy right from designing of the eCommerce platform to enhancing its features creating more traffic and high sales.

We possess extensive skills on the following:

  • Performance Optimization (TTFB < 1.0 seconds, Site download < 4 seconds, Score > 80 (Green))
  • Security
  • Quality responsive code (Adaptive)
  • Web usability
  • Maintainable & upgradeable code
  • Site Audit skills

With years of experience in working different domains for numerous brands has enhanced our skills that can help you overcome the challenges. We also offer you with some advanced features which can be added by customization and other extensions with minimum cost.

Our entire team is proficient in designing and developing websites that helps attract a maximum number of audiences, generate more traffic and gives you higher conversion in a short period.

To add to this, our team also suggest hosting that will help you save on your yearly hosting charges. Also in case if bandwidth cost is what’s worrying you then we can help you reduce the cost to a considerable amount.

We can provide a free no obligation site Audit(Performance & Security)

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