Magento Audit

Identify areas of vulnerability, Protect your network and Resist security breaches with OSC professionals!!

Our safety review includes a comprehensive safety and security status assessment of your Magento system. Your store will be examined with precision and expertise to recognize the system security faults and to detect all recognized signs of Magento hacks. We will examine the potential hazardous files, defective software and hacking traces for your store during examination. We not only detect and inform what’s wrong, but we also provide customized solutions to the problems we discover during inspection. You will get a report with comprehensive issue information and guidance on fixing or preventing safety bottlenecks in the future.

Our Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment & Scan

Installation of security patches

Web-Application Security Testing

Source code Analysis

On demand security audit

Annual website security management

Comprehensive magento security review

Custom code audit

Magento incidence analysis & malware scanning

Malware scanning and cleaning

Server scanning and cleaning

Test that we perform

Tests for Weak & Guessable passwords, Tests for lack of appropriate session Timeouts, User Enumeration, use of default credentials, Account Lockout Policy, Session ID randomness etc.
We test for all possible major causes of Magento hacks such as SQLi, XSS, RCE, CSRF, LFI, RFI etc.
Tests for Input Validation issues,Price Manipulation,SSL issues,Authorization/Authentication issues, security best practices etc.
Tests HTTP Methods, HTTP Strict Transport Security,Network/Infrastructure Configuration,Application Platform configuration

Other Magento Services We Specialize In

Tools We Use

Password Cracking Tools

Sniffing Tools

SQL Injection Tools

Web application security Tools

Why Choose OSC

  • Magento Certified Developers to do complete application review
  • Certified Security expert to do server review and Vulnerability assessment
  • Dedicated Web Security team

Magento Extensions Built by our In-house Team of Magento

Use our powerful magento extensions built in-house by our team of certified magento developers to take your ecommerce store to the next level.


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