Shopify Performance Optimization

Let us help you optimize your Shopify site with our Performance Optimization services.

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OSC has provided performance optimization services to hundreds of clients. We will help achieve your task easily and more cost-effectively if you are looking for a way to improve the performance of your site quickly & effectively, so as to increase the conversion rate of your customer. Also we can optimize your website as quickly as possible. We are experts when it comes to specific optimization tasks.

Shopify Performance Optimization Services

In view of the corona virus pandemic across the globe, we are committed to do our bit. We have offered discount on our performance optimization packages for all our global clients. Stay home, Stay safe.

Optimize your site with our Shopify Performance Optimization Packages. Contact Us if you need help in choosing the service packages

Choose your Shopify Optimization Plan Silver Gold
Price 140$ 280$
Google Pagespeed insights Score * (For Desktop) 60-75 75-90
Google Pagespeed insights Score ** (For Mobile) Guaranteed Improvement Guaranteed Improvement
Page Load Time(Pingdom) * < 3 sec < 2.5 sec
App Analysis and optimization
Speed Score Management
Lazy loading
Image optimization
Guaranteed Result
Minify CSS and JS Minify scripts and stylesheets when possible. Identify 3rd party scripts/css that can be minified.
Minimize Redirect Redirects trigger an additional HTTP request-response cycle and add round-trip-time latency. It’s important to minimize the number of redirects issued by your application – especially for resources needed for starting up your homepage.
Content Optimization Optimize DOM elements on your store as per industry standard
Optimize My Site Optimize My Site
* Few shopify apps are known to reduce score and increase load time.In case during our optimization we find such apps we will inform you about the app,as we do not have access to the code. These scores are achievable only for Home page and Product page
**Shopify sites have lots of apps. JS due to these apps result in lower google page speed insights score specially for mobile. Hence while we guarantee score improvement we cannot guarantee achievable score.
**Our score commitment only if number of js request less then 40 and number of apps less then 10.If its greater then we will first audit your site and come up with what we will deliver.

Our Workflow

1. Evaluation of your website

Our team of Shopify experts will evaluate your website and analyze your Shopify site’s health.

2. Sharing our Findings

Once we have analyzed your site we will share our findings with you to help you better understand the problem areas.

3. Creating a Road-map

After sharing our findings we will create a road-map with you taking all your needs into consideration.

4. Plan Selection

you can select from our performance optimization plans based on our findings that best suit your needs.

5. Appointing the developer

When you’ve purchased our performance optimization plan we will be allotting a dedicated Shopify Developer for a lighter, faster Shopify site.

6. Reporting

Once we have optimized your Shopify site we will provide you with a full report including screenshots and performance optimization scores.

Why choose Us?

Domain Knowledge

Our Shopify experts are well-versed with all aspects of Shopify architecture

In-depth Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your requirements to build a world class Shopify store considering ROI and conversion of sales

Agile Approach

We follow an agile methodology to deliver project timely & cost-effectively

Communication & Reporting

Continuous & timely client communication via chat, e-mail, JIRA/Base Camp/Redmine

We are the most liked authors on Shopify forum and we have a team of Shopify experts dedicated to improve the performance of your Shopify Store

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