Shopify Performance Optimization

Our Shopify team will analyze and optimize your website to make your website lightweight, faster and easier to access by Google.

The loading speed of web pages has been constantly stressed by Google.The loading speed of the website has become an important part of the Search Engine Optimization process with modified algorithms and criteria,for many search engines including Google. This is where we can assist you. We will help achieve your task easily and more cost-effectively if you are looking for a way to improve the performance of your site quickly & effectively, so as to increase the conversion rate of your customer.We can optimize your website as quickly as possible.It is also possible to do specific optimization tasks.

Shopify Performance Optimization Services

Optimize your site with our Shopify Performance Optimization Packages. Contact Us if you need help in choosing the service packages

Choose your Shopify Optimization Plan Silver Gold
Price 70$ 180$
Google Pagespeed insights Score * 60-70

We do not commit on P.S score in mobile. Apps and tracking scripts impact score & we have no control on them.
For desktop : Score will be 70 +

We do not commit on P.S score in mobile. Apps and tracking scripts impact score & we have no control on them.
For desktop : Score will be 90 +
Page Load Time *

Page load Time Will be Checked in Pingdom
< 4 sec < 3 sec
App Analysis and optimization
Speed Score Management
Lazy loading
Image optimization
Guaranteed Result
Minify CSS and JS

Minify scripts and stylesheets when possible. Identify 3rd party scripts/css that can be minified.
Minimize Redirect

Redirects trigger an additional HTTP request-response cycle and add round-trip-time latency. It’s important to minimize the number of redirects issued by your application – especially for resources needed for starting up your homepage.
Content Optimization

Optimize DOM elements on your store as per industry standard
Optimize My Site Optimize My Site
* Few shopify apps are known to reduce score and increase load time.In case during our optimization we find such apps we will inform you about the app,as we do not have access to the code.

Our Workflow

We have a team of Shopify developers ready to improve your site’s performance. Here’s our flow

Analysis of your Website

Contact us for free analysis to check your site’s health and get optimization recommendations


Browse our services here. After purchase we’ll reach out to confirm your order and purchase details


We use best practices combined with experience and proprietary checklists to make your site lighter and faster.

Why is a fast website important??

User Experience

Higher dedication and customer satisfaction are reached on a quicker platform


Google stated that site speed is one of the signals used for the ranking of its algorithm


Convert to faster sites more quickly. The estimated ROI calculation and case studies view here.

Conversion Rate

Higher rebound rate, better customer service, and faster departure time


Discover more page views and increase organic traffic per visit

More Customers

More traffic + more engagement = more customers

We’re a collective of Shopify Experts focused on making your store faster and more profitable

Our Portfolio

Inorder to avail Shopify Performance Optimization services

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