Techniques to Improve Magento 2 Sites SEO score

Jan 16, 2021 | 05 min read

Techniques to Improve MAgento 2 Sites SEO score

1. QuickRead

Magento search engine optimization (SEO) helps to increase the traffic and conversion rates to your website. It also helps to engage more customers on your store’s products. Recent SEO research states that 75% of users only scan the first page of search results. Every customer wants to purchase from a fast website, if your site is not ranking well then google will not crawl your website and there is a high probability that your potential customers won’t find you. So now it’s time to focus on SEO optimization of your Magento site.
Why is it important? Because SEO improves your online presence on Google and other search engines. It is the best practice of bringing more traffic to your ecommerce store. If you want to rank high and grab more traffic then you need to optimize the website and improve SEO. An SEO-friendly website also improves the overall shopping experience under guarantee of efficient website visibility. To improve SEO for your Magento merchants, pay attention to every setting.

The advantages of SEO are:

  • Your potential customers can find you easily.
  • High conversion rates.
  • Boost your marketing efficiency.
  • Increase brand awareness.

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2. Techniques to improve Magento 2 sites SEO score

There are several things using which you can improve seo score to rank in first position in a search engine. Lets see in details:

1. Eliminate duplicate content

Your ecommerce site pages contain the same content, Google can reduce the ranking of pages associated with this content. Magento can create URLs that lead to pages with the same content. Magento provides the ability to use canonical links, which defines a ‘preferred’ page if more than one page contains the same contents.
You can configure it from Magento backend, from Stores->>Configuration->>Catalog->>Catalog->>expand the tab Search engine optimization and set Canonical link Meta tags for categories and products to ‘Yes’

2. Image Optimization to improve Seo score with image ALT

Images are very important for your ecommerce online store. It can be the selling factor of your store. Without images no one is going to purchase from your store. But there is also an important factor to keep in mind during use of images. You should optimize images, use of WebP, use CDN for images delivery, etc. Because high resolution images slow down your website. Proper use of images by considering seo related factors which improves ranking. Use below tips to improve seo score.

Use ALT tags.

The alternative or ALT text is an attribute defined at the time one creates the image name and description attributes. Screen readers primarily use the ALT text to support the visually impaired who may be visiting a website. In addition, search engines want to confirm that the alt text aligns with the other page and image content.

Use image descriptions.

An image description gives more details than alt text and allows someone to learn more about what is in an image that goes beyond alt text. Alt text gives the user the most important information while image descriptions provide further detail.

Use informative image file names.

Search engines look to the image name as the first clue about the subject of the image. The name affects how ‘findable’ the image is within the search engines image search and how appropriately the image supports the content of the page.

Reduce the image weight

Reducing the weight reduces image loading time and, therefore, improves the page loading and website performance perception. In addition to the human experience, Google and other search engines look for image sizes and total page weights that are appropriate for the type of device being targeted.
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To add or update the ALT text for a product image,
From Magento backend navigate to
Catalog >> in Configurable Products Double click on thumbnail >> Go to the detail page >> scroll down to Images and Videos >> Double click on images >> add ALT text in the given field.

3. Meta Tags for Products

Magento will auto-generate both the title and description meta tags for your product detail page. Customize meta tags for products. The importance of meta tags cannot be overestimated. Your site needs them to rank high and look attractive in SERPs.
Title – Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable link, on your page’s browser tab, and as the primary headline when your page is shared within social networks. The title must be an accurate and concise description of your content.
Description – Description is what people see on the search engine results page that describes your link. It allows people to click through and drives the conversion from the search engine result pages to your site.
You can add meta tags for products, product category, and content pages within Magento.
Setting from backend->Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Product Fields Auto-Generation:

4. Maintain a XML sitemap

Google and other search engines rely on updated XML sitemaps to more efficiently crawl your site. Search engines are looking for every opportunity to improve their efficiency, as they have billions of pages to crawl each day.
You can enable the XML sitemap tool by navigating to Stores- >> Settings- >> Configuration ->> Catalog ->> XML Sitemap.

5. Configure Magento 2 Robots.txt

Communicating effectively with search engine crawlers is crucial for SEO optimization. Configure Magento 2 robots.txt helps to generate and manage instructions for web crawlers about the pages that need to be indexed or avoided completely.

6. Create backlinks to your site

Backlinks are those links pointed to your pages from other sites.These links may be pointing to your content, like your blog content that would like to share with their own audience.
Google looks at the number of backlinks as an indicator of your content popularity and significance to people. With increasing backlinks to your content, your page rankings increase.

7. Optimize your product pages

Product pages are the important page where the action happens by visitors.Product pages are very important pages of your site. To purchase a product visitors must look into product page details to evaluate the product and make the decision to buy it. If product pages are very slow then there are chances to decrease 50% of your traffic. So your product paes need to be optimized and should be very fast. This typically means title, price, short description, long description, and product images. Some optional information can be product reviews, certifications, an example of usages, any affiliations or other nonconventional information regarding your products.


Search engine factor is the most essential part of your ecommerce site. Using the above technique you can improve the search engine optimization score so customers can find you easily, boost the sales & conversion rates, etc. If any query related to this blog feel free to contact us.

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