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Jan 14, 2020 | 05 min read

Benefits of performance optimization : Magento 2

If your site load time is more then 3 seconds then it’s time to think of speed optimization.Specially this applies to your product pages which are landing pages in a shopping feed campaign.

Digital marketing : Benefits of performance optimization

Facts :

  • Most of the sites load in 5 plus seconds.
  • Google shopping feed CPC depends on landing page weightage.
  • A faster site has a higher weightage.
  • A site that loads in more then 3 seconds is considered as a slow site.

User Story :

Magento 2 Site was loading pages in 6 seconds and the CPC was at 0.07 USD per click.
We optimized the site product detail page and the site load time was reduced to 2.5 seconds.We were surprised to see that the CPC cost went down to 0.05 USD per click.This mean that while we were getting 1400 clicks per 100 usd not we were getting 2000 clicks per 100 USD.Indirectly a saving of 600*0.07 = 42 USD per day or 1260 USD per month.
The other known benefit is higher conversion.Also while we were getting 4 orders from 1400 clicks per day now it was 7 orders from 2000 clicks per day.
So from a cost of 35 USD per order we are not at 28.5 USD per order.

Conclusion :

So from above its clear if you have a higher CPC spend and if you’re still ignoring speed than unknowingly you are losing on money due to page speed.
If your vendor says that with Magento 2 optimization is not possible then I recommend you to share your URL and osc professionals can guess what can be achieved for your site or the ways out to reach a higher score and a lower load time.

Guarantee :

We can guarantee that with more than 80% Magento 2 website a score correction of above 30% can be achieved with some simple steps.
We Guarantee as we have optimized more then 20 Magento 2 and all site owners were happy with our services.

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If you are not convinced please share your Magento 2 store URL and we can audit and suggest what can be achieved.

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