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What is Page Speed Insights?

Google Page Speed Insights (GPSI) measures the performance of a page on mobile as well on the desktop offers suggestions for improving that page. The Page Speed Insights tool is a powerful data-driven insight tool that can help you accelerate your store growth, improve your ranking on the Google relevant keywords engine, more.


Speed Insights Provide What Kind of Information About Your Website?

Google Page Speed Insights returns a variety of sections there performance indicators when you query the tool. Page Speed Insights returns a variety of sections performance indicators when you query the tool.

Following is the order in which it appears in the report:

Speed Score

The speed score is based on data from the test at Lighthouse.


Field data in Google Page Speed Insights

Field data is based on the Chrome user experience in the previous 30 days: First Contentful Paint (FCP) , First Input Delay (FID) are included. This can be result, includes performance data from loaded real-time websites. This is known as Real-User Monitoring / RUM. It captures a legitimate, real user experience, its metrics debugging capabilities are limited.


Lab data

Laboratory data are based on a mobile device plus mobile network simulation analysis by Lighthouse. It is collected with a set of pre-defined devices in to Network configurations in a controlled environment. It is effective for debugging performance problems can be easily replicated in its testing.



The Opportunities segment includes guidelines on performance measures, which can boost the loading time of the website. An estimation of loading time the page might save if the recommendations are applied is included in every recommendation.



The segment on diagnostics provides guidelines on best practices for Web Development.


Passed audits

Best practices for web development are discussed in the diagnostics section.

  • A website’s speed score (0 to 100) indicates how fast it is.
  • Solutions are color-coded (green overview, orange circle, red triangle) to identify priority issues.
  • You get direct feedback on how to improve your website’s performance.

What Procedure Does Google Page Speed Insights Use to Calculate its Score?

Google clarifies that the scoring is supported only by items in the Metrics section of the Lighthouse category. Diagnostic Opportunities recommendations are not included in the scoring.

  • First coat of content
  • Cumulative layout shift
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Speed Index
  • First input Delay
  • Time to Interactive


Google’s Page Insights tool can help you speed up your business increases your ranking on Google. If you require an expert assistant, EcDev Studio will help you boost your website’s performance and visibility. It can help you optimize your eCommerce website for viewing on mobile devices. These are some of the results you can expect from using Google Page Insights.

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