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Why Magento?

Magento is flexible, has lots of out of box features. Even with so many flexible features Magento will run fast with proper configuration.
Magento architecture allows upgrades and adding features hence, of all eCommerce cart we recommend Magento as your shopping cart for your eCommerce store & provide Magento customization services.


What/Why Magento Customization?

Magento comes with lots of out of box features. Still there is no cart in this world that will fulfill all features. So depending on your business domain, user friendly additional feature will be needed. Magento customization will be an ongoing activities for your eCommerce cart. What standards to be checked with customization vendor?

  • Upgrade in mind
  • No core files touched
  • Proper use of FPC/Caching
  • Code commenting

Why define delivery acceptable criteria and what criteria?

  • Following criteria to be in deliverable acceptance list
  • No core file changes
  • Number of MySQL Queries after modifications
  • TTFB
  • Effect on indexing time

Magento code customization can be done in a standard way as per magento architecture and standards or in a way that by passes recommended coding process. To reduce efforts or due to developer lesser knowledge many developers will not follow standards. If delivery acceptance criteria is cross-checked on completion of Magento implementation this will to a higher probability make sure that standards have been followed.


Why oscprofessionals?
Our Magento Customization Strategy:

1. We follow Magento standards while developing Magento Customized Solution

  • Use of MVC
  • Not modifying the core files
  • Use of local.xml
  • use of xml to handle configuration

2. Understanding Business Requirements and going into details

  • We have experienced eCommerce Analysts and Magento Team Leads, who discuss with customer to understand their business requirements in order to provide the most optimum customization package for each business.
  • We use comprehensive check-lists to assess the impact of the client’s requests on issues such as speed, e-mail modifications, admin interface modification, URL modification etc.

3. Code Commenting

We provide code commenting to facilitate and simplify future maintenance.

4. Knowledge of existing Magento features and Modules/Extensions available on Magento Connect

Our team has in depth knowledge of Magento configuration and features. We are also up-to-date with all compatible extensions existing on Magento Connect. This helps us to decide whether to use an existing module and modify it, or to create a new module from scratch.

5. Fine tuning Magento

We at oscprofessionals recommend the following tips to fine-tune the Magento operations in your websites:
  • Magento Caching should be enabled
  • Local and unused Magento Modules should be disabled
  • Images should be compressed
  • W3 Validations should be done
  • Outputs in general should be compressed
  • PHP Accelerator should be used
  • Session Storage
  • Flat catalogs for smaller web-shops should be enabled
  • PHP realpath_cache should be tuned
  • Apache mod_expires must be used
  • Avoid 404 errors
  • Magento Logging should be disabled
  • MySQL tables should be optimized and its server should be tuned
  • CSS and JavaScript should be merged
  • Magento Compiler module can be used

We provide you complete Magento solutions under one roof, which includes:

  • Customized User End Modules
  • Customized Admin End Modules (Using Grid)
  • Multi Store Installation and Modification to Suit your Multi Store Needs
  • Optimizing Magento For Speed
  • SEO For Magento
  • Data Flow Profile Creation and Assistance in Bulk Data Updates
  • Templates Integration
  • Magento Upgradation
  • Magento Customization Services
  • Magento Security Audit and Security Features Implementation
  • W3 Validations

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