Mobile Application Development

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  • Easy To Manage Sales and Purchase Order
  • Centralised Google Spreadsheet for Multiple User to Export and Upload Order .
  • Easy to View Customer’s Order and Product History While Taking Order

  • Cart Feature to Preview Order before Placing the Order.
  • Export Orders In Multiple Template Via CSV file and Share Order As Text , Excel And PDF.
  • Daily Beat/Route Plan for Sales Executive With Beat Feature
  • Reminder Notification for Backup, Order Delivery and Low Inventory.
  • Order Draft which Save Time To Recreate Order.
  • Secure Application Data through Backup-Restore and Login Feature
  • User Define Customer Attributes in Customer Management
  • Helps with Extensive Reports of Product, Customer and Low Inventory.
  • Commission and Broker Management.
  • Daily Beat/Route Plan for Sales Executive With Beat Feature
  • Reminder Notification for Backup, Order Delivery and Low Inventory
  • Help Videos and Document for Better Understanding

Business Assist App

  • Web Based mobile application.
  • Sales team application to Keep you connected to your store.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Useful for Sales Executive Team to help them to get web-store accessible on there mobile.
  • Quick lookup of necessary Customer, searching them by Name.
  • Take a closer look at each order to know who placed the order.

oscShop Mobile App

  • Payment Gateway (Multiple Payment Options):Cash on Delivery / Bank Transfer
  • Product Catalogue:

    • Product (Simple, Configurable, Grouped)
    • Share Product
    • Endless scroll
    • Related Product
    • Inventory Management
    • Product Search
    • Advance Search (Filter & Sort By)
  • Shopping cart:

    • Order total
    • Edit/delete cart item
  • User Account Management:

    • User Log In/Log Out Option
    • User Registration
    • User My Order & My Profile Page
    • Multiple Address
    • Change Password & Forgot Password
  • Home Page:

    • Banner
    • Recently View Product
    • Category Images
  • CMS Pages:

    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms & Condition
  • Google Analytics
  • GPS
  • Manage Store (Check your own Store)

oscMcart Mobile App

  • Payment Gateways – Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash On Delivery (Add-ons)
  • Featured products, Related products and Upcoming products on Home Page
  • Social Login and Sharing via Facebook
  • Support Simple and Configurable products
  • Reset password functionality
  • Out Of Stock product label
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • 12 months free Mobile App updates

OSC MageAdmin Mobile App

  • Overview Report:

    • Dashboard to show Today’s Sales, Today’s Order, All Orders (Configurable
    • Shows the number of new Customers (Configurable) and All Customers
    • Displays sales report of a store
    • Easy access to all the detailed reports
  • Order Report:

    • List of New Orders
    • Order based on Date range and their status in the chronological order are shown
    • Order details such as customer information, address, item, quantity, price are shown
  • Customer Report:

    • Display new customer list
    • Display Detailed Customer Information along with the Order information
    • Customers details like name, phone no, email id, address, number of orders and their order time
  • Stock Alert Report:

    • Display the information of product stock quantity which have in critical stage
  • Today’s Sales:

    • Get the information of individual Order Sales and Total Order Sale of Current Date
    • Total number of order on the current date and their detailed information are shown
  • Abandoned Orders:

    • n this section you can see the Abandoned cart details
  • Site Health:

    • To help you identify and prioritize the most important issues on your site, app gives notifications on your phone whenever app health monitor detect certain problems or issues like CPU usage, size of log table, Cron job and Indexing
  • Multi store:

    • App helps you to monitor store wise above features by selecting one of store from your multi stores
  • Additional Features:

    • 100% Open source
    • Its Free, No license key required
    • User Friendly Interface