Is your Magento Secure?

Magento standing as a one of the most popular online businesses open-source eCommerce solution all around the world. Magento provide unprecedented flexibility and control. Magento widely using all over the world, so Magento security issue plays very important role here.

Is your Magento Secure?
As a development firm, Oscprofessionals endeavor to provide a healthy and trusty platform for our clients. We consider security on high priority and monitoring our services of suspected attack.


Why Penetration Testing for Magento Store?

To find security weaknesses, gaining access over system, and its data and functionality penetration attack is used. To avoid that we used penetration testing.
Penetration testing is valuable for following reasons:

  • Analyzing the feasibility of set of determining the feasibility of a particular set of attack vectors.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities as per their priority, when combination of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular sequence it results higher-risk vulnerabilities.
  • Find out those vulnerabilities which are difficult to find out via applications used for vulnerability scanning software or automated network.
  • Evaluate the magnitude of potential business and operational affects of successful attacks.
  • Assuring the ability of network protector for successful detecting and react to the attacks.

Why File Auditing required in Magento?

For a secure and a smoothly working network file auditing required. We provide file auditing for a Secure and a smoothly network environment.


Why Checking Store against DOS attack?

DoS attacks can be very much costly and killer to network environments, so there will be continuously checking store against DOS attack.

Sql Injection:

SQL injection is a hacking technique which modifies SQL commands in order to gain access to data in the database. It found in CRLF injection, Code execution, Directory Traversal, File inclusion and more. We provide SQL injection testing so your database must be secured from these kind of threat.

Cross Site Scripting Testing:

Hackers used Cross site scripting to execute malicious script on visitor’s browser, it caused or used to steal passwords, to attack and infects computers, to spy on users. For these kind of threat we are keep testing for it.

Why test store against spamming, password rippers?

To keep your store away from spamming and password rippers, store should be in regularly testing and make yourself to remain protected against spamming and password rippers.

Test 3rd party modules, APT as there are some vulnerability possible in there word:

We provide for testing 3rd party modules, APT for possibilities of any kind of vulnerability, and if found overcome it.

We will be more then happy to elaborate our process.

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