What Oscprofessionals Multistore does?

      Magento Multistore customization service makes the Magento eCommerce website according to the business requirements. We assist our clients in modifying their e-stores to manage their online sales with custom e Commerce design and integration of various features in their online store. Our e Commerce Magento multistore customization service will help the customers to complete the buying process rather than leaving the store and to increase the business conversion rates.

      Our Magento multistore developers are experienced in building customized Magento stores either single or multiple which is customized to match the requirements of the clients. We have successfully delivered some of the best customized multistore websites that have proved to be very profitable for all our clients.

     The Magento multistore customization functionality is an amazing feature that allows vendor to sell different products under single web domain. With this feature retailers can easily handle their business in a simpler manner. With multi-store websites, businesses get more opportunities to provide their customers with a wide variety of options and products, customers get more choices to choose from the huge available product lists.

Why Multi Store website?

If a website owner wants to sell goods from different domain’s as they belong to different categories. They will have to install separate setup for each domain. Manage code and upgrading for each install. Admin each website separately. This means lots of additional work and cost. What website owner can manage all this into one setup and one admin. To come to this scenario and economical benefits setting a Multi Store website is the only solution.


Why Magento for Multi Store?

Magento application supports Multi Store functionality which allows its client a way to manage multiple online stores with a single Magento installation (Single means using only the Single Admin Panel). Magento application provides trader with services and right over the website features,content organize and structure of their online stores. Using only one single admin panel having different domain names, lots of websites and online stores run, this is a very important feature of Magento. You want to run separate online stores for the different kind of products, Magento you do so easily.
Magento also provides lots of features likes Pricing Options,

Add to Cart feature, Full page Cache for Magento Speed Optimization saving your both time and cost. Magento can implement a whole site with a budget. With the power of Magento you can compete with the biggest sellers online web.

Advantage: Multiwebsite capability for the convenience of having one centralized admin management.
Site management will become easier and Each store can have individual identity.

What are Magento Multi Store Features:

A Magento Multi Store consists of following features:

1] Proper Site Management
2] Marketing Tools
3] Payment
4] Shipping
5] Checkout
6] Customer Service
7] Search Engine Optimization
8] Catalog Management
9] Analytics and Reporting
10] Catalog Browsing
11] Order Management
12] Product Browsing
13] Customer Accounts

What different types of url’s with Multi Store?

Sub-Domain Base:
You can use single Magento installation to host two or more stores each sharing same Magento backend but pointing to different sub-domain names.
Folder Base:
You can install three different stores on same domain name under different directories.
All Different URL’s:

Features to be thought off while deciding on Multi Store Setup

The best or important feature in Magento commerce is Magento Multi Store functionality. It enables users to manage number of stores using only a single admin area. How multiple store and multiple websites works in Magento. Suppose that, You want to sell Furniture item and Electronics item, You will need to separate catalog three stores and four different websites. The electronics item will be sold in one website and remaining items on another website.

Few Important Reference URL’S:

Information required to enhance the effectiveness of your Magento Multi Store:

To Help us design an efficient and effective Magento Multi Store for you, Please answer the following questions

Q.1. What is the objective of your Multi Store. And How Many Stores do you want to Configure to your Multi Store?
Q.2. What will be the URL’s format for each store?

Example Scenarios for reference:
Following are the parameters that decide Multi Store scenarios:
• Domain Usage
• Product & Category
• Customer Sharing
• Admin for every store
• Checkout Page
• Cart Sharing

Scenario 1:
Domain is one
Example:The Main Store
Multi Stores can include:, etc.

This scenario has the following features:
Customer Sharing : Not possible
Cart Sharing : Not possible
Checkout page : Different for each of the stores
Admin : Same for all the stores
Product and Category : Different for each store.

Scenario 2:
Domain : Use of Sub-Domains
Example: The Main store is
Multi stores can include:, etc.

This scenario has the following features:
Customer Sharing : Not possible
Cart Sharing : Not possible
Checkout page : Different for each of the stores
Admin : Same for all the stores
Product and Category : Different for each store

How to setup a Multi Store in Magento?

Click here:

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