A Guide on Bounce Rate of Your Shopify Store

By Bhavesha | July 25, 2022 | 5 min read

What is the Bounce Rate?

The number of users who visit a page on your website and leave without taking any action. in other words, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a page of your website and then leave without clicking anything else.

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

It is possible to achieve a bounce rate of 35-40%. A high bounce rate (usually greater than 57%) is not uncommon in some niches. Your site gives a poor first impression if your bounce rate is high.
Note: According to Shopify, mobile bounce rate average 47.5%, and desktop bounce rate average 38.7%.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate in Shopify Store

You can reduce bounce rate by taking care of these major points.

User experience

  • Navigation should be properly done
  • Bread Crumb
  • Proper search system
  • Display Price, Product Name, and Reviews above the fold or should be visible on minimum scroll
  • Fix UI/UX issues
  • Have CTA(call to action) on appropriate pages
  • Display recently viewed products
  • Have a live chat button


  • Good quality relevant images are displayed

Primary Content

  • Proper search system
  • Check your competitor’s website and see what the missing aspects are.

Secondary Content

  • Add fresh or meaningful blogs and link from the page or display a part of the blog on the page
  • Content should add value to your visitor
  • Content should be to the mark
  • Makes sure spelling mistakes are not there
  • Provide internal links that are helpful


Trust building

  • Display Certificates and other trust-building aspects.

Info/CMS Pages

  • Ensure that users have a phenomenal experience
  • Make sure above fold area covers the most tempting aspects
  • Social proof to be displayed or linked.
  • Related products or specific collections to be displayed.
  • Have an option for comparing products.
  • Display Payment methods
  • Estimation for shipping to be provided

Why is your Shopify Store Bounce Rate So High?

It means that every single person who visited your landing page left your website from the landing page without browsing any further.Following the major points are:
  • The page is very slow
  • There is nothing appealing about the design
  • The content area above the fold is not effectively utilized
  • The spelling of words is incorrect
  • Broken or distorted images
  • The navigation process is complex
  • It is difficult to read or access offers or another relevant purchase-related aspect
  • Having technical difficulties and errors
  • Layout problems or indenting issues
  • CTA is not in place
  • Reviews that are not favorable
  • There is a mismatch between the content of the page and what the user is likely to be interested in based on the URL.

Benefits of a Low Bounce Rate?

Following are some of its significant benefits-

1. Low Bounce Rate = Better Engagement

If your website has a low bounce rate, it shows that your website visitors are not quitting after just reading one page.

2. Bounce Rate and SEO

Another significant benefit of having a low bounce rate is that it helps with the SEO of your website.


Many people are interested in reducing bounce rates, so this strategy can be followed if you have a high bounce rate.

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