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5 Best Open-Source Inventory Management Software for e-Commerce

By Ruth Stewart | July 27, 2022 | 5 min read
If you are an online business owner, you must know how difficult it is to manage an inventory. Along with monitoring the location of each inventory, you need to ensure there is enough stock to fulfill customer orders. Managing all of this isn’t easy, and prone to errors. This is why entrepreneurs should use inventory management software. It will help you optimise inventories and improve supply chain efficiency.
Moreover, this software allows you to track client orders. It automates critical tasks and reduces the chance of human errors. An open-source management tool can increase the customer’s experience. You can improve your accounting abilities using this program. Besides, this tool can help you to develop an effective business plan.
There are many open-source inventory management tools available for eCommerce. However, finding the right one can be pretty difficult. You need to check the features and interface before installing one. Ensure it is easy to use and works on a PC or laptop. Don’t forget to check the monthly subscription fee for the software.
Can’t decide which software will be right for the business? Check the following list to get the best open-source inventory management tool:

1. inFlow

You must have heard about this software, right? It is a popular open-source eCommerce inventory management tool. inFlow is ideal for small and medium enterprise owners. This software can help you to check which products need to be restocked. According to Smart Data Recovery experts, inFlow offers the best business solutions.
You can maintain the inventory levels from inFlow. Additionally, the application assists you in checking the product’s delivery status. Do you want to know which customer has paid for the product? Open this app and go to “Sales order”, click “Total”, and choose “History”. You will get the payment-related details on this page.
Moreover, you can organise customer orders using this app. This tool is user-friendly and can be installed on smartphones. Reports can be easily shared to Excel from inFlow. It can be integrated with eCommerce platforms like Magento 2 or Shopify. You won’t run out of products when using this inventory management tool.
Besides, this tool uses cloud storage to protect the eCommerce business data. You can also assign barcodes and serial numbers using its built-in tools. Its free version supports up to 100 products and allows you to update 15+ customer reports. If you need more features, get this app’s paid version.

2. Odoo

Odoo is a free-to-use inventory management tool. It is crafted as an ERP and is reliable for eCommerce businesses. This software is easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface. This app can track the sales order, invoice and payment details. Additionally, it has effective in-built communication tools. It uses a messaging system to monitor product purchases and orders.
Odoo is a web-based application which can be used on PCs and phones. You can even get a preview to check how the eCommerce website will look on mobiles. Moreover, business owners can get real-time updates on product delivery.
Users can also track incoming and pending orders. The management tool schedules the orders based on the client’s demands. You can minimise business loss when using the app.
Odoo can be your go-to inventory management tool. Do you know what the best feature of this app is? It allows you to check the products the customers didn’t buy but added to the cart.
Open the app, and head to “Quotations” to check this information. Besides, Odoo offers cloud solutions to users. E-commerce platforms like Amazon use this tool to increase their profit.

3. ABC Inventory

This inventory management tool is designed for small business owners. You can use these apps on smartphones, computers and laptops. The software can handle every aspect of eCommerce inventory management.
Moreover, you can adjust the inventories easily using this app. It offers multiple screen formats and views to the users. ABC Inventory also comes with location movement logs.
Are you looking for an application that can scan the barcode? Then, ABC Inventory is the right choice for that. Moreover, this tool provides quick and easy access to Inventory cost quotations. You can check when the customer purchases the product from this app.
Do you want to know where the item is available or not? Go to ABC Inventory’s home screen and tap on “Product” to check the amount of inventory. Moreover, this app lets you track the inventory issues and the items’ delivery status.
Users can also customise the dashboard for efficient inventory management. ABC Inventory has a built-in unit of measure conversion tool. You can calculate the product numbers easily using this software. Additionally, you can check the “On Hold” products and the items that need to be restocked. It provides an easy way to handle day-to-day business operations.

4. Rentle

Rentle offers the best inventory management solutions. It helps you to track the orders, inventory and online transactions. The software works on Android and iOS devices without much hassle. Moreover, Windows and Mac laptop users can install Rentle to manage inventories.
Rentle creates a product usage record to provide insight into the business performance. You can also check the list of your highest-selling products from this app. Users can integrate Rentle with the business website easily. It is free to use and has standout features like “Billing and Invoicing” and “Asset Tracking”.
Additionally, this cloud-storage app can secure business data from hackers. Rentle reduces your workload and ensures business growth. Its free version allows you to use the product scheduling features. There is also an inventory optimisation and order fulfilment option in this app. Moreover, this inventory software offers users support via email and messages. So, what are you waiting for? Open the App Store or Play Store and try out this app.

5. Zoho Inventory

Are you facing difficulties managing the small business’s inventory? Then, use Zoho to bring flexibility to the online store. Sellers can automate the product orders and supply levels using this app. Its web-based interface is perfect for checking product availability. You can also track when the customer’s purchased items are shipped.
Moreover, several payment options are available on Zoho. There is also an “Invoice”, “Billing”, and “Sales Tracking” feature in this app. Zoho’s dashboard is pretty easy to use, and you can opt for product listing and scan the barcodes using this software.
Besides, Zoho offers multiple language assistance to paid users. You can also connect the eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and Pixpa with Zoho. Moreover, this app is compatible with all mobile devices, including PCs.
You can also check the product sales details offline using this inventory tool. Its free version includes “Contact Management” and “Workflow Automation”.

Why should you use an Open-Source eCommerce Inventory Management tool in 2022?

Inventory management tools offer several benefits to business owners. It helps you avoid the risk of a supply shortage of goods/products. You can retain the customer’s trust using reliable open-source software. Further, you can get more customers to the online store using the best inventory tool.
Moreover, these apps ensure the right product is delivered to the right place and time. The barcode scanning and other features allow you to quickly transfer data. The latest inventory software tools can strengthen the buyer-seller relationship. So, look for the right tool that suits your needs and enhances the profit margin.

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