What is the Best Wholesale App for Shopify?

Oct 13, 2020 | 06 min read

What is the Best Wholesale App for Shopify?

1. Overview

If you want to offer wholesale costs for specific clients who order in bulk from your Shopify store, things can get complex. Some store owners even set up a subsequent store to manage discount arrangements independently from retail orders. A few times, customers want to call or email you to know about special discounts, so always make sure all product details are available on your site. Monitoring of retail and wholesale stock, sales, and accounts on one store may be honestly difficult.
Hence, imagine a scenario where you eliminated these challenges and had the option to manage your wholesale clients from your same existing store. Actually, a lot of wholesale apps exist and you can choose which one suits you best so keep reading this blog to know how to:
  • Find pricing/score/trial information for every app
  • Recognize the principle highlights of each application
  • See any drawbacks

2. What is the Wholesale Shopify App?

Shopify and Shopify Plus support applications that can assist different organizations. The Wholesale Shopify apps allow the Shopify merchants to open themselves for bulk sales in trade for decreased rates. The Wholesale Shopify App helps to decide the pricing of wholesale products and also provides a lot of benefits to your business.
As a Shopify store owner, you can utilize it to make customized discounts for potential clients and orders. It can clearly be seen that the price of the product keeps reducing with the number of orders. In addition, they can control the items that get the discount coupons and the ones that don’t.
Here is a listing of features the Wholesale Shopify App is meant to do:
  • Wholesaler space -The Wholesale space ought to be saved for Wholesalers only
  • Fetch product details like name, description, value, variations
  • Add custom Price – show the discounted value just to the Wholesalers
  • Discount coupons- to auto-produce the special offers

3. The Best wholesale apps are-

The following are the best Shopify wholesale apps:

Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club through Pixel Union assists you to enhance the price in your Shopify store, the way of encouraging bulk-buying for discounts. This is one of the most famous applications on the Shopify application store to assist you with setting up discount estimating on your store. It allows you to offer discounts on particular products or collections.
It is very simple to arrange this application, and it works easily with third-party inventory management solutions as well.
Cost: $24/month up to 300 requests/month. $49/month for boundless requests
Free Trial: 14-day free
Normal Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.3 (324 reviews)
  • Offer wholesale discounts on selected collections and merchandise
  • Provides multiple pricing levels
  • You can also offer discount codes to customers who open an account on your website
  • Make a tiered pricing system for VIP, discount clients, and so on.
  • Offer net installment terms to chosen clients (make unpaid requests)
  • Integrates with other stock applications (no copied variations)
  • Compatible with Shopify Sales Channels and 3 rd-party inventory control
  • Excellent service provider help
  • Marginally costly than other wholesale applications.

Wholesale Pricing Discount

If you need to offer a tiered level of pricing for items, Wholesale Pricing Discount can save you quite a few complications. This app from Wholesale Helper is one of the wholesale apps for Shopify has 250 reviews. You can figure out how to offer discount rates to clients without the requirement for making another store. So, you also make a discount rate to singular items accessible to a particular set of clients.
The application encourages in upselling with a few alternatives to urge your clients to purchase extra and upgrade their request of order. Furthermore, you could use this app to set up discounts globally, or especially to special products or collections. Also, it supports Ajax carts and therefore makes an excellent client experience in your store.
Cost: From $19.99/month for a basic plan up to $38.99 for Enterprise
Free Trial: 14-day free
Normal Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.9 (250 reviews)
  • Apply discounted pricing to unique consumer “groups”, VIPs, Gold individuals, etc
  • Apply discounts to chosen items, collections, or your entire store
  • Discount via percent or specific pricing
  • No restriction on the number of discounts you can set
  • Encourage wholesale customers to buy more
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free set up for simple themes
  • Integrates with Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder/Wholesale Lock Manager
  • It just has a temporary issue with customer service.

Wholesale Gorilla

The Wholesale Gorilla app is constructed to target your wholesale customers on your Shopify Wholesale store. They have also added functions in later variations that address client requests, which is ideal to see.
The UI is very instinctive and you can deal with all the settings without interrupting a single line of code. It helps you deal with your new clients, stock, requests, and fulfillment choices. You can create attractive quotes when you launch your new brand products at special prices for wholesale consumers.
Free Trial:30-day free
Normal Shopify Rating(out of 5 stars): 4.5 (70 audits)
  • Permits you to deal with all wholesale customers
  • You can make tags and utilize it for giving rewards to clients
  • Helps with stock, ordering, and fulfillment
  • Set wholesale prices for your entire shop, particular collections, products, or variants
  • Set a minimum order fee for a wholesale order
  • Create charges as a percent off the unique amount or a new fixed fee
  • Create custom wholesale delivery guidelines
  • Straightforward UI – simple to utilize
  • Simple pricing version without hidden prices
  • The few complaints of the consumer are about support (maximum of those have reasonable factors) and unique capabilities (a lot of which have since been added)

Wholesale Pricing Manager

This is an exhaustive choice to control wholesale pricing and customers on your Shopify store. It offers plenty of highlights that will help you control your wholesale pricing strategies such as auto-tagging, email advertising, and unlimited wholesale statuses. Without duplicating your items, this app will assist you to create multi-tiered pricing on your Shopify wholesale store.
You can offer some special discounts to customers that are based on their final purchase amount (total bill) or based on their location, etc. Likewise, you will get help for the application through the live visit.
Free Trial:8-day free
Normal Shopify Rating(out of 5 stars): 4.8
Main features:
  • Create an unlimited number of wholesale statuses
  • Use auto-tagging or assign wholesale membership statuses to users manually. All you need to do is establish the terms so that all the new users would be automatically assigned a corresponding Membership Level.
  • Pick out of four conditions of the user statuses and discounts assignment. You can also order a custom condition
  • Set several wholesale price levels for the same product
  • Create custom letters that would notify wholesale users of a new status assignment
  • If required, you can set up minimum quantities or total prices that must be met before a discount can be applied (optional)
  • Provide discounts for the store’s common products, separate collections, or separate items
  • The app doesn’t duplicate products and compatible with most inventory management apps.

Wholesale All in One

This application allows you to create layered discounts for particular items and clients in your Shopify store. It is one of the fullest characteristic sets of all the accessible wholesale discount applications for Shopify and even includes add-on features like countdown timers.
You can assign the tiered pricing to your items and additionally it allows you to create the costing that based on combinations of each product. For instance, you may set up discounts only for logged in customers or for guest customers. You also can create particular tags for clients to allow unique pricing only to them. Furthermore, the app has highlights like scheduled discounts and countdown timers.
Cost:$14.99/month for Basic arrangement up to $24.99/month for Premium
Free Trial:14-day free trials.
Normal Shopify Rating(out of 5 stars): 4.8 (37 reviews)
  • Create a multiple of wholesale pricing for a combination of products, and collections
  • Can offer discounts for all guest customers, logged-in customers, or VIP customers
  • Offer discount in percentage or unique price
  • Set special shipping fees and analysis minimal order limits (from Standard plan upwards)
  • Checkout without coupon code and with coupon code
  • Compatible with checkouts providing in more than one currencies
  • Can set activation and expiry time/dates
  • Frequent grievances about bugs and moderate help

Wholesale Lock Manager

This application (additionally by Wholesale Helper) adopts the best strategy for giving discount pricing. It offers a service where you can protect your website pages with locks. According to its reviews on the Shopify App store, it carries out its responsibility extremely well and makes life much simpler for traders who manage retail and wholesale from one store.
If you need to hold the wholesale part of your store accessible to unique customers, then this is the app for you. The application encourages you to deal with this by setting up a password for specific segments of your store like pages or particular items. Now, you can provide the password to the customers who you want to access the content. It is a straightforward method to deal with a wholesale store utilizing Shopify.
Cost:From $6.99/month
Free Trial:8-day free trial
Normal Shopify Rating(out of 5 stars): 4.9 (77 reviews)
  • Provides the secure access to all pages on your site
  • Set up password access for VIPs or wholesale clients
  • Set locks to clients with precise tags or getting into their email
  • Wholesale Pricing Discount and Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder (from a similar developer)
  • Provides the best client support
  • More restricted function set than most other apps

4. Conclusion

If you’ve tried to manage wholesale clients and retail clients from the same storefront, you’ll recognize how complex this can get. The applications reviewed in this blog will all be able to assist you with managing wholesale customers from a single Shopify store. The maximum apps have updated techniques and best functions. You can the free trials and notice which one fits your store.
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