How to market your non-essentials Shopify store during COVID 19

Oct 14, 2020 | 06 min read

How to market your non-essentials Shopify store during COVID 19

1. QuickRead

In volatile times like this, the Government also needs to declare drastic measures like lockdowns to manage the crisis. Although these steps are for our own benefit, they have undermined the day-to-day running of companies and thrown a wrench in marketing efforts undertaken by brands. A slowdown in on-site traffic and a huge decrease in revenue, marketers are forced to re-strategize how they manage their company today.
But the one thing that this lockdown after the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching businesses to adapt to unexpected changes. In specific, eCommerce firms that fall into the heading of non-essentials.
In this report, we share the one question that all non-essential brands are asking-should we continue to advertise our shops, goods, and sales, or is it time to avoid these activities?

2. Should I try to run ad campaigns?

In such cases, the most affected are usually non-essential products such as clothing, electronics, and the beauty section. From production to distribution and delivery-all aspects of these organizations have a huge effect. It is only apparent that they want to optimize their operating costs to support the company through this time.
Usually, when companies strive to slash expenses to keep things running, marketing campaigns are the first thing to be lost. The mechanism of the reasoning behind this is simple-If we can’t produce the goods, why waste money to market them?
This is not the best solution, though.
You suddenly terminate all current partnerships with your established clients and brand followers if you take the hasty decision to abandon all your marketing activities. Like all the other deeply entertaining organic / sponsored content available to them, these individuals will continue to forget about your brand as the days go by.
But you’ll have to start from scratch as things normalize and you get back to business.
The reaction to whether or not you should keep running ad campaigns is YES. But the tactic you take to sell your brand has to respond to the actual situation of the market.

3. Six Updated Marketing Campaigns During Coronavirus

There’s no plan that suits all forms of business right now. But there are a few techniques that you can use to revamp how the paid campaigns are run.

Campaigns promoting high intention traffic

Begin lobbying to engage consumers who are shopping for unique goods. For eg, if you’re selling Indian clothes, you can target people looking for ‘suit sets,’ ‘lehengas’, and more through Google Smart Shopping Promotions. If the purchaser’s desire to buy is strong in each case, they are more likely to purchase from the other suggestions that come in addition to their particular quest.
But the trick to do this is to recognize the words that your potential buyers frequently use to look for the items you sell. When reaching a wider audience, you may want to stay important to their product search and ensure fewer cancellations.

Optimize marketing strategies with low commitment goals

Create promotions that develop a high-profile following that can be transformed by remarketing activities. Instead of optimizing sales, you should set up advertisements with top-level activities or more product views. This can be achieved by setting up ad events that target product views rather than sales.
For eg, you can run Facebook ad campaigns with Display Content or Add To Cart as a target and use catalog advertising to draw specific audiences to your Shopify store. You can also view product prices in your advertisements to make them more effective.
You can use Facebook’s Complex Retargeting Strategies to retarget this community later.

Video promotion on prominent channels

Facebook consumers are watching more videos right now to keep themselves amused. Take advantage of this curiosity by launching a video ad campaign. You can use the YouTube Shopping Promotions to push traffic to your Retail store and also to switch conversions.

Provide offers, deals & gift cards

Offer exclusive offers to customers ordering from your shop by offering them gift cards along with their orders, making their engagement with your shop valuable.
Such a deal can inspire shoppers to return to your store to make more purchases. Around the same time, it also offers you the chance to develop a dedicated client base.

Increase interaction with social media

Use these social media networks to the fullest. Provide advice on using your products, inform customers about their various features, and more.
If you’re distributing orders in orange and green areas, make sure you build and retweet a few posts that remind your fans of the safety precautions you’re taking.

Communicate with active clients

Since the shipping times are not the same as they normally are, you need to inform the consumer that their order has been approved and tell them when they are going to receive it. It is not a bad thing here to be open about delays!
In reality, it will help your clients prepare a little more for their other purchases.

4. Why should you focus more on Marketing

Increase in use of media

People spend more time online, browsing through social media, reading blogs, and spending their days watching video content. Although others are still working from home, some are searching for opportunities to remain engaged.

Low costs of ads

With the quarantine, just a few advertisers invest in advertising. Everyone is doubtful that they would not be able to generate too many sales in relation to the price they spent on advertising. Owing to this, the competition for every potential demographic is much smaller.
In reality, the cost of serving impressions on Facebook ads decreased by 80 percent in March due to the restrictions imposed in India.
So, if you’ve been worried about turning off your ads, reconsider your plan. It will be the perfect time to run paid ads. You might set aside a tiny budget to actually run retargeting and remarketing campaigns instead of having the current customers interested to get started.

Increased use of technology and social media

With too much spare time, a lot of people sign up on social media sites, leading to a rise in internet accessibility. This ensures that companies have a wider target group to meet, attract, and gain as clients.
Although this is a big chance for companies to meet an all-new demographic, it’s a smart idea to first look at who the ‘ideal client’ is. You may use the past sales data to consider the populations you’re targeting.

Decline in competition

With too many advertisers scaling up and even avoiding their advertisements across various channels, the rivalry is at an all-time low. But where you’ve got to fight for customer interest with ten other brands, you have a better chance of being noticed right now!
But decreased rivalry does not imply instant success. The same guidelines apply to good ads-make sure your commercials don’t sound too pushy. Using this as an opportunity to tell your company story or share the highlights of your product instead. You need to tweak and reconsider the marketing enclosure.
Usually, transforming funnel starts with Awareness. At this point, the consumer is becoming aware of your brand and its products.
Next comes consideration when the customer interacts with your Shopify store or social media page to learn more about your items.
Remember, on their first visit, only a limited number of the store’s customers can turn into clients. You have to offer a compelling reason for them to come back. So, at this stage, a good approach is to have good retargeting strategies to re-engage visitors.
The client is turned into a buyer at the 3rd level, Conversion. This is anytime the store takes an order, because you now know what items they want and what their shopping activity looks want.
But this is not the end of your work.
Finally, with a combination of marketing strategies, you will be able to carry the customer to the fourth level, Loyalty, where they return to the store for re-purchase.
Here’s what the funnel might look like right now:
In a tough situation where driving sales may be challenging, the emphasis can be transferred to recognition and concern so that you can gain your target group as viewers and supporters, instead of calling off all marketing activities.
What’s left, huh? You will really enjoy the rewards of using this technique when you unlock the lockdowns. You’re going to have a client base already established-then it all comes down to convincing them that you’re taking orders.

5. Tapping into this opportunity to acquire, not to sell.

Despite the obstacles and obstacles that can exist, this is the greatest way to reach out and attract new markets. When all is decided, make sure that you set up follow-up strategies to turn your gained audience into shoppers:
Set up retargeting strategies to engage users who you have captured as viewers and supporters and turn them into consumers.
For your current consumers to re-engage and improve loyalty, and to generate further return sales.
Communicate with the purchasers to ensure them that their order will shortly be shipped.
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