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Magento Commerce 2.3.4 Release notes – key highlights and fixed issues

In this article, we will mention the release notes of Magento Commerce 2.3.4 which include all major fixed issues and highlights of new attributes.
The much-awaited release notes of Magento Commerce 2.3.4 was finally released and a lot of discussion is going on within the Magento community. The update reports contain a vast number of security enhancements, updates to applications, performance improvements and other significant changes. The release notes for Magento commerce 2.3.4 are the result of over 275 contributions made by members of the Magento community.
The release notes for Magento commerce 2.3.4 are the result of over 275 contributions made by members of the Magento community. This update contains over 220 practical updates and more than 30 security improvements.

2. Magento Commerce 2.3.4 Fixed Issues and New Updates

We have already mentioned above that the new commercial Magento 2.3.4 instance has more than 220 practical updates and more than 30 security improvements.Alternatively, merchants should submit security-only patches to fix all the critical bugs found in the commercial instance of Magento 2.3.3.
Although new feature codes are combined with the core code of Magento, there are some specific features, such as progressive web applications, inventory management, page builder whose codes are issued separately. Bug patches for these programs are properly documented which are included in each project’s documentation.

3. Magento 2.3.4 New Updates Highlights

Substantial Security Improvements

  • More than 30 security improvements are rendered to outweigh past Magento instance vulnerabilities. Yet some bugs can still be exploited to obtain the key information. In order to gain benefit from these weaknesses, attackers must first access the admin section. In the new Magento commerce 2.3.4 instances all the requisite arrangements are made such as two-factor authentication, use of a VPN, use of a unique location rather than admin to secure the Admin section from attackers.
  • There is a deprecation in custom layout changes to overshadow the slightest opportunity in cross-site scripting and remote application execution (RCE). Instead of defining entity-specific template configurations, you must now create a separate file that contains the modification to the configuration and then pick it for use.
  • The content template functions was revamped to enable the use of the white-list variables in templates. Following the redesign of content template features, administrator-defined templates such as email, CMS content, and newsletters can not call functions and objects directly from PHP.

Significant Platform Upgrades

  • Session Storage and Page Caching have significantly improved. Both of these attributes were tested on the new Redis release v5.0.6.
  • The new commercial instance of Magento 2.3.4 also fully supports the RabbitMQ v3.8 while major improvements have been made to the framework of message queues. RabbitMQ is a third party product, as well as Magento’s core message queue system application.
  • Currently vendors have to use the marketplace’s approved payment integration system, as the incorporation of the payment method has been discontinued.
  • The implementation of improved support for MariaDB 10.2 has fixed the declarative schema bug that Magento was throwing earlier. Now MariaDB enables framework integrators with both MYSQL and MariaDB to use declarative schema.

Performance Boost

Following the release of Magento 2.3.4 Commerce case, merchants should experience a significant performance boost due to the improvements.
  • PHTML files have been refactored to boost parsing by bundling method, and the current bundling mechanism can now define all Javascript dependencies.
  • The new instance of Magento 2.3.4 Commerce has the additional potential to remove statistical compilation for modules of data. Commercials should adopt the configuration setting (System Configuration > General > Reports > General Options) to completely or partially disable the Magento reports.

Inventory Management

The following changes were made for optimizing the management of inventories.
  • To reduce memory use when locating and compensating for missed reservations in large catalogs, the CLI command for product reservations is revised.
  • Several previously recognized issues that brought unpredictable loads on the database server in diverse situations such as the shopping cart were rectified.
  • Numerous quality-related issues that include grouped products credit notes, source, and stock mass acts have also been addressed.


  • B2B buyers can now export the lists of requests into CSV format. They can easily make batch changes for continuous import into the shopping cart, and import them back to the list of requests.
  • Merchants can now fetter control from the admin portion to different B2B features. Merchants will determine which employee should function with which B2B settings and products.


GraphQL has introduced a number of enhancements in functionalities such as cart functionality layered navigation, search coverage to enhance GraphQL efficiency.
  • Customers have the luxury of fusing customer carts with the guest carts.
  • Customers can now launch the order on one computer and perform it on another system.
  • The newly added feature on the category list allows users to scan categories by key URL, name or ID.
  • By using the ProductAttributeFilterInput object merchants can now assign predefined filters in the object, or create a custom filter.

Infrastructure Improvements

Magento Commerce 2.3.4 update encapsulates more than 250 improvements that eventually improve the efficiency of the platform and modules such as sales catalogues, imports, CMS, B2B, ElasticSearch and PayPal.

Merchant Tool Enhancements

When Adobe Stock Image galleries are incorporated, retailers can now incorporate a vast number of high-quality media properties without entering the Magento admin section With the assistance of the searchable software, merchants can view, find, and deploy stock images in Web content.

Page Builder

A significant progress is being made in product storing. Now merchants may order product positions in the category using criteria such as name or stock status to sort.
Improvements to the product carousel were also made. Merchants will determine how to present the products in their content from the set of predefined choices in the content type of Page Builder products.
Magento optimizes content generated in advance via the page builder method using the Venia storefront theme for improved rendering of content. The notable point here is that unstructured content is translated into structured content which the page builder creates and stores into a database.

PWA Studio

We encourage you to track PWA developer releases for updates in progressive web app studio


Dotdigtal powered live chat allows merchants with real-time engagement to amplify sales and conversions. To get better assistance, all Magento 2.3.x merchants will get a free live chat agent.

Google Shopping Ads Channel

Regarding instances of Magento 2.3.x, we suggest that you check out google shopping advertising channel release notes

4. Fixed Issues in Magento 2.3.4 Commerce Instance

More than hundreds of practical improvements have been implemented in Magento’s core product 2.3.4.

Upgrade, Deploy, and Install

  • Magento will no longer remove cache in Magento 2.3.4 trade instance if you try to run composer upgrade.
  • You can operate bin / magento setup seamlessly in developer mode: static-content: deploy. Executing this instruction previously resulted in unsolicited error
  • Previously, Magento filed an error as My MySQL attempted to update predefined configuration container details in app / etc / config.php. This problem was fixed in the case of Magento Commerce 2.3.4.
  • Single pipes in composer.json files are converted to double pipes.


  • Module-analytics / Model / ExportDataHandler.php creates all Docroot / var / folder critical data.
  • Administrators traditionally used the TAB key to get out of the dialog. Now, administrators can only switch between Allow and Don’t Allow keys, using the TAB key.
  • Now when an administrator signs in, pressing the ESC key no longer turns off the analytics popup dialog.


In Magento Commerce previous instance, email sent out from the Admin section contained static file routes. This issue is solved in the current instance of Magento business. Click here to view all of the resolved problems in Magento 2.3.4 commerce.

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