Shopify Vs Shopify 2.0

Shopify vs Shopify 2.0 opens up opportunities for developers creating themes and apps for shopify merchants. We have rebuilt the online store experience from the ground up and know a new set of developer tools to help you create amazing experiences for merchants and shoppers.

1.The Difference Between Shopify Vs Shopify Online Store 2.0 Theme

Default Theme

Shopify: Debut theme


Shopify 2.0 : Dawn theme


Default section

Shopify: Default section is only on homepage
Shopify 2.0: Default sections is available for every page

Shopify App Assets

Shopify: Shopify developers needed to host themselves.
Shopify 2.0: Shopify CDN hosts all the assets submitted via theme app extensions.

App Integration Logic

Shopify: Build integration logic for every shopify vintage theme
Shopify 2.0: Theme app extensions for developers via app block.

2.Meta Fields


Shopify: Hardcode meta fields into themes rely on APIs to make changes to product pages
Shopify 2.0: Use dynamic sources to insert standard meta fields and known resource Properties as setting defaults.

File picker options

Shopify: Color data and time, file, json, measurement, number, rating, reference, text True or false, URL.
Shopify 2.0: +image,PDF files.

Meta Field Access

Created, whitelisted via the admin API and be able to retrieve all your metafields via the storefront API.

3.Theme Editor

Updated theme editor

Shopify: Need to drill down into different sections to update the hierarchy of a page.
Shopify 2.0: Easily update the hierarchy of a page i.e the editor now displays a tree view of all the content on a page in the sidebar.

Liquid input setting

Shopify 2.0: Add custom Liquid code to pages directly from the editor.

Developer Tools

Shopify: Development Theme editor
Shopify 2.0: Shopify CLI

Version control

Shopify 2.0: Shopify Github Integration

Theme Performance

Shopify: Theme check and shopify Theme inspector for chrome.
Shopify 2.0: +lighthouse CL GitHub Action

Identify issues in theme code

Shopify 2.0: Improved Theme Check


Debut Theme:

  • Sticky option-No sticky column
  • Color code- No frame work, just titles,buttons, forms and others
  • Slideshow- Available
  • Header/Logo- Limited flexibility and wrap into burger icon when header
  • Collides with navigation.
  • Flexible- with sticky options

Dawn Theme:

  • Sticky Option: The Product page has a dual-scroll experience on large screens.
  • Color code:Framework of color structure is available
  • Slide show: Replaced with a section that allows for common patterns of more than one image, piece of text and call to action.
  • Header/logo: Flexible with sticky options and also the header doesn’t detect the collision instead it wraps as triple lines.

4. Benefits of shopify online store 2.0 For Merchants

  • Sections for all the the templates
  • Meta field addition just got easier with dynamic resources.
  • Enhanced ability to modify the checkout section
  • Easy way of adding app sections.

5. Benefits of shopify online store 2.0 for Developers

  • New developer toolset
  • Improved app integration options
  • Development enhances
  • Updated theme environment

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