Create And Use CMS pages in PrestaShop 1.6

In PrestaShop Content Management System(CMS) allows you to create your own custom pages for your site. You can add CMS pages to front end of your sites. You can add those pages in header, footer etc, of site.Following steps are required to create a new CMS category and CMS page.

Create a CMS category:

Default CMS pages of PrestaShop are in “Home” CMS category. Also You can create your own CMS category in PrestaShop.

    • First, logging to your PrestaShop Admin Panel. Then navigate to Preferences → CMS to create create CMS category. There you can see all CMS pages which are created in your PrestaShop.


    • Click on Add New CMS Category link present at top right corner.


    • After filling all the required information for CMS category, click on SAVE button. After saving category, you can see your newly created CMS category on CMS page.


Create new CMS page:

    • Click on Add New CMS Page link at top right corner to create new CMS Page.


    • As you click on button, CMS page block will be appear.


    • Fill all the required information and press SAVE button. You can see CMS page preview by pressing Save & Preview button.


You can create your own CMS page using these steps.

Add CMS page link to shop header:

You can add CMS page link to Menu bar in header.

Follow some simple steps to add CMS page link to header.

    • Navigate to Modules → Modules and select Top Horizontal Menu module.
    • Click on its Configure.


    • In configure window you can see Available Items and Selected Items Blocks. Select the CMS page you want to show on header and click on Add button.


    • At the end, click on SAVE button.
    • Now you can see link on your shop header.


Add CMS page link to shop Footer:

    • To add your CMS page to footer, navigate to Modules → Modules and select module CMS Block.
    • Click on its Configure link.
    • After click, in Footer Link Block select CMS page name that you want to show on Footer information block.


    • Select check-box & Save.
    • Information Block will display in footer of your site.



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