How to create Pack Products in PrestaShop 1.5

In Prestashop 1.5, PACK option allows you to easily add one or more products in a bundle that you can sell to your customers.Packs functionality allow you to simplify preparing orders and also allow customers to take advantage of special prices and offers.

Following are the steps to create a pack of products in your PrestaShop store.

  • Log into your Prestashop admin panel.
  • Next go to the Catalog -> Products .
  • It will displayed the list of existing product , select any from existing one and click on Edit button to make that product as pack product or create new product by using Add New button from top left corner.img1
  • Now change the product type to Pack from Information tab on the left.screen2
  • Next you will see the Pack option on Information menu and create pack screen look likeimg2
  • The first input field is used to search for existing products in your shop (Type first letter of search product).
  • The second input field indicate the quantity of chosen product to be added to the pack.
  • The Add this product to pack button adds the product to the pack.

You can add more than one products to the pack and to remove a product from the pack click on the trash can icon next to it

  • Once you have added product(s) to pack, click on Save button at the top right.
  • Finally pack product will appear in your front end likescreen4

Note : When you are creating a Pack you are creating a combination of items to sell. This affects many things for the product such as Information and description, Price, SEO,Product Images, Shipping etc. and it may affect the other product management option. So, make sure that you have made all of the necessary changes to accurately describe the pack products for your customers.

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