Add The Social Bookmarks Links On Products Information Page

Move the social bookmark links into the body of the product information page in osCommerce. For social bookmarks, there is a block for it in our own osCommerce store. The block named bm_social_bookmarks works for showing all social bookmarking links. We will make it simple for you to understand. Follow the below steps: We can [...]

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Styling the breadcrumb in osCommerce

Our default osCommerce provides us a breadcrumb. Now what do you mean by breadcrumb? Let's know a bit about breadcrumb. It is a navigation technique mostly used in user interfaces. It is also refereed as breadcrumb trail. Path like structure it shows and also the exact location of your current page you working on. Here [...]

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Make all your buttons “Primary”

osCommerce uses two types of display buttons named “Primary buttons and secondary buttons”. Primary buttons appears active and stronger on the page. Secondary buttons are little bit faded out . But they can be easily recognized. Use of Primary and Secondary Buttons: Primary buttons are used for those definitions which belongs to highest priority and [...]

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OSCP Multi Store Solution

OSCP Multi Store Solution Magento osCommerce CreLoaded The OSCP Multi Store service is one of our most sought services. It helps run multiple web stores from a single web site. Multi Store provides multiple front ends and multiple language support through a single administrator. We recommend Magento for Multi Store solution as its basic architecture [...]

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Magento Customization

Magento Customization We work on both Enterprise and Community Magento version We follow Magento coding standard We design & display scalable Magento solution Our code will not break on Magento Upgradation Our programmers are highly expertise and professionals in Magento Customization We provide optimum customization for your business requirement Please contact us if you need [...]

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Multi Store

Multi Store is one of the greatest revolutions in shopping cart websites. The concept of Muti store borns with the increase in use and demand of multiple webstores linked to a single webstore. Of late, many webstore owners are compiling their webstores at one place using the Multi Store functionality. The Multi Store can be [...]

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Multi Stores multiple shop system

We create Multi-Stores using osCommerce, CRELoaded or Zencart. For this we use Hobzilla's oscommerce Multi Store contribution and tweak the cart code to get required multistore functionalities.We recommend adding following contributions and making them. MultiStores compatible: Features: Fast Easy Checkout Recover Cart Sales Whose Online (Modified by Store wise) Featured Products (Modified by Store wise) [...]

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Multi store

Introduction Multistore allows you to create multiple installations of osCommerce with all installations sharing the same database! You create stores in the admin side and assign the various aspects of osCommerce to the specific stores you want. It accomplishes this task by creating a configuration table for each created store. This modification allows for all [...]

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Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a revolution in programming language to use existing programming standards in a new way to create interactive web applications. It is called asynchronous as it retrieves data from server without refreshing the whole page and thus the page existing behavior remains unchanged. Therefore Ajax is known as art of [...]

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