OsCommerce Multistore System


1. Why osCommerce Multistore System ?

As per the popularity of osCommerce.Store owner wish to have multiple online stores of osCommerce which they handles easily.So for that multistore osCommerce is the best solution.Which creates multiple stores having one admin and database.

2. What are the features of osCommerce multistore ?

  • Easily manage several online stores with one backend
  • Different store order collect at one place
  • Product catalog contribute to many frontends
  • Front end and backend is on same server

3. Which contribution used ?

Following contribution is used for osCommerce multistore.
And also recommended contribution with osCommerce multistore are-

  • Fast easy checkout
  • Feature product
  • Manufacturer

4. Can they are on different server ?

In multistore system all stores are on same host server.
5. Where this multistore is recommended ?
Store owner having multiple stores.

OsCommerce Multistore System Demo