Shraddha Shribas | 05 min read | March 30, 2020

Which Shopify App is best, Private or Public ?

Introduction :

You should sit back and relax with OSC, Shopify Application Development Solutions, because we are the’ enablers.’ If it’s a public or private app that shops, we help you turn the business logic into a fully-application, i.e. Truth and truth!!!
Private or Public App? Our experts can assist you in selecting the public apps to shop are those apps that are listed directly in Shopify’s app stores and created by third-but not Shopify. They are general purpose services that typically meet data sharing purposes or everyday operating needs. These are freely available to all store owners, so they can be accountable for their services.
At the other hand, shopping private apps are store-specific apps created by third parties and their access is limited to the use of the outside world. They are designed to solve unique store issues, such as data integration with third-party apis, expanding the Shopify store’s functionality across multiple platforms, reporting admin panels, and so on.

Building a Private Application :

On behalf of a single store a private Shopify app can communicate with the Shopify API. To authenticate with Shopify using a private app, you need to create the Shopify administrator credentials and include those credentials in your Shopify request.
I do have an unlisted app that I use for checking with my software stores. It’s just a beautiful website that allows me to call Shopify APIs and see the performance in my browser instead of writing code to investigate the APIs.

Access of Private App :

Until recently, complete access to the data from a store will be given to private users. Which sounds fantastic but it’s also a chance that something in the app will go wrong and damage the store’s records.
Public / unlisted apps may restrict access to their data which reduces the risk. A common example is to ask for read access to orders only, thereby stopping you from changing them in the case of an accident.

Moving into App Store Shop :

If you ever plan to access the Shopify App Store, you can apply public apps only. It’s possible to start with a private app and then convert it to a public app, but that’s more work than beginning with a public app from the start (plus every store needs to re-authorize the app after the switch).

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