The Shipping module in the Magento marketplace and its significance

The Shipping module in the Magento marketplace and its significance

1. Introduction

Magento Marketplace Free Shipping module provides free transportation to the client. Utilizing this module, merchants can offer free shipping services for their products. With the help of this module, dealers can deliver their items with no delivery cost.
The admin can handle the free transport and can permit or disallow dealers to manage free delivery for their merchandise. Keep reading this blog for an overview of how to handle shipping in the marketplace.

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2. Configuration of the Magento marketplace module

After successfully installing Webkul’s Magento Marketplace Free Shipping module, you get the option to see the setup board under System > Configuration. The administrator can design the Marketplace Free Shipping under System > Configuration > Shipping Methods > Webkul Marketplace Free delivery. The various preferences given in this module are elaborated below:
  • Here the administrator can either enable or disable the Webkul free delivery module.
  • Title: Title of transportation technique module.
  • Name: The name of the delivery type.
  • Least Order Amount: The administrator can set the minimum order value to qualify an order for free delivery.
  • Permit Seller To Manage Shipping: Here the administrator can empower or disable free delivery management for the various merchants.
  • Shown Error Message: Default error messages when transporting strategy isn’t accessible.
  • Ship to the relevant countries:Here the administrator can either choose all nations or can set it up to pick specific nations where free shipping can be made available.
  • Ship to particular international locations: If the admin selects the option to ship to specific nations, then these destinations can be picked from this listing.

3. Front end management

Once the setup of the Marketplace Free Shipping module is successful, the vendor can permit Free Shipping for their clients. The Seller can enter the receipt and packing slip address, VAT, TAX data.

Handle Free Shipping

The vendor can control free shipping by specifying a minimum order value which makes an order qualified for free transport. The admin can permit or disable the Manage Free Shipping alternative for the vendor.
The purchaser can choose the delivery under Order Review. Once the buyer places her order, she can view the Marketplace Free Shipping delivery option as shown below:

4. Shipping Management

When the customer places an order, at the checkout stage, they can view the “Amount Sold” segment.
Note: – If you introduce Magento Marketplace Multi Shipping with Magento Marketplace Free delivery, then the purchaser can select free transportation from dealers giving free delivery and can pick from one or more multi dispatching options like Fixed Rate Shipping, UPS, USPS, etc., using the dispatch services of different merchants giving these delivery services.

Order History

Vendors can likewise download the PDF of delivery and receipt slip under Marketplace > My Order History.
When clicking on the download invoice and shipping slip alternative, a pop-up window shows up on the screen. Once the vendor chooses to download, a spring-up window prompts for the date range for which the delivery or receipt slips have to be downloaded.

5. Know about Multi-Shipping Module

Admin Management

When the Multi-Shipping module is installed, the vendor can select the various dispatch techniques under System field > Configuration > Shipping methods > Marketplace multiple Shipping according to Vendor.

The most effective method to use this module

When the module is installed, you get to see a menu Under My record > Manage Shipping. When you click on the Manage Shipping tab, you can pick your preferred delivery method. Next, you can empower the transportation technique. You can see the transportation is applied on the dealer’s product. Here onwards, the buyer can choose to deliver the product as per the seller’s chosen means of transportation. Buyers can view the Marketplace Multi dispatching strategy under Order Review.

6. How can the seller handle delivery management?

Sellers should be informed in advance about the pricing plan of the admin for shipping. For this, we suggest that you plainly show on a committed “Transportation” page the complete list of all shipping alternatives accessible to your marketplace. For every shipping technique, list out the material cost and the delivery conditions (minimum order value/quantity, delivery time, the geographical regions involved, and so on)
This allows vendors to modify their minimum order values as per the delivery techniques accessible and their respective expenses.
When making their offers, merchants can pick and choose their convenient shipping method which they wish to apply for their products.
A default shipping mode is consistently accessible for all promotions to empower better management of multi-cart. Undoubtedly, if a purchaser needs to purchase a few items from a similar vendor in one order, this default transport mode is automatically decided to permit the dealer to control only one delivery method for each individual order.

7. Features

  • The administrator can set the least amount needed for delivery service.
  • Vender can permit their delivery facility from his board.
  • Simple, convenient, hassle-free free delivery management for dealers.
  • The buyer can choose to transport the product from the choices offered by the dealer.
  • An administrator should introduce the delivery add-on from the above list to handle the transportation from the seller’s board.
  • Admin can set the applicable countries and items which qualify for free delivery.
  • The vendor can upload the Invoice and Packing slip with address and tax data.
  • Capability to download Invoice and Shipping Slip without any issue.
  • Vendors can pick the dispatching channel which they need to show at checkout. This implies that the transportation method can be controlled per dealer rather than a single transport method for the entire shopping cart.
  • Admin can enable or disable the free delivery management on the dealer’s panel.
  • It is Compatible with Multistore.

8. Conclusion

Transportation in the marketplace is a fundamental pre-requisite for buyers and sellers. Hence the need for this add-on module to permit dealers to devise delivery strategies for various orders and items. The buyer can also choose different methods of delivery for different merchants within the same order.
The Webkul Magento Marketplace Multi-shipping module is a useful add-on to the marketplace module and the various delivery modules. For further queries on how to install and use this module for the best benefits to your specific online business, please feel free to contact us.

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