The Impact of Social Media Feeds on Shopify Website Speed.

Bhavesha | Feb 17, 2023 | 2 min read

Social media feeds can have positive and negative impacts on website speed.

  • It can slow down the site due to image payload.
  • Module integration can result in additional JS, HTML, and CSS  code that can impact TBT and FCP.
  • No control over the images to be delivered based on the device resolution.

We have explained the impact of social media feeds on the site’s speed. So that a knowledge-based decision can be made about when and where the feed should appear on a page. Also, a proper module that allows additional control should be used.

How Social Media Feeds Impact Website Speed

  • If you add social media feeds to a website, we have no control over them because they are connected to third-party services. So as a developer you cant control image payload.
  • Since social media feeds are third-party services, embedding them in-store using JavaScript significantly impacts site speed. As the additional script and additional css assets might result in increased total blocking time(TBT) and can also impact Cumulative layout shifting(CLS).

Social Media Feeds can help Reduce the Impact of Website Speed

The social media feeds are always loaded below the fold.

  • If we load the social media script on the scroll down of the page/after the page load, that time it does not affect the site’s speed.
  • If the Social media gallery is not updated very often then we suggest having a Gallery on your shopify site that’s controlled by the Shopify admin.
For Example ”Instagram Social Media Feed”

You can engage your customers with your products by implementing an Instagram feed on your shopify store/website.

You can redirect users to your Instagram page by clicking, but avoid using third-party scripts on the home page or above the fold.

In conclusion, If the social media feeds are well-designed and optimized, they can attract more visitors to the website, which could lead to increased traffic. Additionally, if the social media feeds are engaging and provide value to visitors, to load, and they could have a negative impact on the performance of the website. maybe more likely to spend more time on the website, which could also positively impact performance. in addition, if the social media feeds could be better designed or faster.

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