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Shopify wholesale discount

1. Overview

Want to offer a wholesale discount in Shopify? No worries!! We are here to help you.

Using Shopify you can offer wholesale prices, offer discounts in percentage or specific price, set minimum quantity or minimum order, you can also offer discounts to individual products or collections or the entire store and offer discounts to your wholesale customer.

2. Discount Codes

Discount codes are a very easy way to offer wholesale discounts. Create a discount code and distribute to your wholesale customers. Your wholesale customer can use that code on the checkout page and get the price discount.
Discount code is also useful if you are creating orders on behalf of wholesale customers. You can create a draft order and send an invoice to the wholesale customer. In this case, customers always enforce maximum order volume because it controls all the order-related aspects, including the shipping fees.
There are some advantages and disadvantages using discount codes in shopify:


  • You can easily set up a discount code.
  • Can set the limit number of times this discount can be used.
  • Easy to restrict discounts to certain groups of products.


  • Discount codes can be shared within customer groups.

3. Set discounts based on percentage and specific prices

You can offer discounts in percentage (ie 20% off), or by specific price (ie $15) to your wholesale customers. Using this feature you can increase order volume and profitability for your store. It is very easy to set up and offer discounts by tagging wholesale customers.
Wholesale customers are able to see the discount when they log in to the site and on checkout page discount can be applied and placed an order.
Using discount wholesale customers always enjoy the product purchasing from your store and it will help to increase the store sales and boost the customer retention.

4. Set discounts for specific products, collections, or the entire store

You can set the discount to specific products or by selecting collections or to the entire store, so that wholesale customers get the discount benefit when they purchase a specific product. It is a very easy to understand and flexible setting for this discount.

5. Set quantity break discounts (Tier Pricing)

By offering a quantity and tiered discount to wholesale customers you can attract more customers and encourage them to increase their average order value. Tier pricing motivates customers to spend more with you and increases your bottom line.
You can offer these discounts in percentage or in fixed amounts.
Customers can pay less by purchasing large quantities and save the amount on purchases.


  • Increase store revenue.
  • Higher the customer satisfaction by purchasing bulk quantities and saving more.
  • Repeat purchaser.

6. Set minimum quantity or amount requirements to receive discounts

You can offer a discount by enforcing a minimum order rule. This means wholesale customers must purchase a minimum quantity of your product or spend a minimum amount of money when placing an order.
For example, if you have a minimum order of 30 items or $400, your customers must purchase at least 30 items or spend $400 to be able to buy from you.
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