Maximizing Business Success: 43 Advantages of Shopify Subscriptions App

Introducing the Shopify Subscriptions App

On January 31, 2024, Shopify unveiled its groundbreaking free subscription app. This latest innovation from Shopify holds the promise of significantly elevating client lifetime value and recurrent revenue. Seamlessly integrated into the admin interface, the Shopify Subscriptions app simplifies the setup and management of basic subscription use cases. Additionally, it empowers your clients to conveniently pause or cancel their subscriptions directly from their newly created customer accounts.

How to setup shopify Subscription App

1. First we need to install the “Shopify Subscriptions” app from shopify app store.

2. After that setup the subscription plan, for this:

Admin -> Apps -> Subscriptions -> Plans -> Create new plan

3. Configure the subscription plan with details like product, discount, delivery frequency etc and save.

4. Add app block on product page from customization and setup customization changes for shopify 2 stores.

5. If the app block is not present in customization then need to add this code in product-template.liquid file.

After placing the subscription order this entry goes to order and also in the app’s contract section.

We can import or export ‘contracts’ csv for entry.

For businesses considering the adoption of the Shopify Subscriptions app, there are numerous advantages to explore:


  • Cost: While the Subscriptions app offers valuable features, it comes with an additional fee on top of Shopify’s regular pricing, potentially impacting profitability.
  • Restricted Customization: Limited customization may not meet the needs of complex subscription models or specific company requirements.
  • Dependency on Shopify: Relying on Shopify’s ecosystem for subscription management could pose challenges if you decide to switch platforms.
  • Technical Restrictions: Some users have reported faults or technical limitations, which affect the user experience and require additional support.
  •  Competition: With the growing popularity of subscription-based models, differentiation is crucial to stand out from competitors.


In conclusion, Shopify’s Subscriptions app can be a valuable asset for companies selling subscription-based goods. However, evaluating its benefits and drawbacks in line with your unique business needs is essential before implementation.

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