December 20, 2021 | 5 min read

Shopify supports Image formats and its impact on site speed

In image format PNG is higher-quality whereas JPEG is smaller.if any image in your HTML on shopify should be a JPEG when possible (this will include product images).images that live in your css code should be PNG.

1. PNG

PNG images are produces better quality images,but comes with a larger file size.and use for:
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • border

2. JPEG or JPG

You may lose image quality, but you can adjust the quality level to find a good output.and use for:
  • products
  • banners or slideshows
  • pages and blog posts

3. WebP

Choose lossless or lossy compression using this,the only image format supported Browser:
  • Shopify automatically serves images in WebP format on supported browsers.