Shopify-Supported Image Formats and its Impact on Site Speed

Nitin & Bhavesha | Dec 20, 2021 | 5 min read
Following are the image formats most used in Shopify
  • 1. WebP Image Format
  • 2. JPEG Image Format
  • 3. PNG Image Format
It will be helpful to understand image formats and to maintain them based on the content below. The content below derives from our experience executing over 50+ speed optimization projects on Shopify websites.

Choose the Right File Type

There are only three image options you should consider for your Shopify store – .jpg,.png, and WebP.
  • JPEG

    The quality level can be adjusted to find a good output even if you lose image quality. Shopify recommends using JPEG for product images, pages, and blog posts.

  1. Products
  2. Banners or Slideshows
  3. Pages and Blog Posts
Some browsers include Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari. JPEG images are supported.

JPG Image Format Features:-

  1. A smaller size
  2. Fast Loading
  3. Does not support transparency
  4. Image quality is lower than PNG
  5. For images-heavy web pages
  • PNG

    PNG images produce better quality images, but they are larger in size. The images have excellent quality and transparent elements, but if they are heavily compressed, they will lose image quality.

  1. Logos
  2. Icons
  3. Border
Some browsers include Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari. PNG images are supported.

PNG Image Format Features:-

  1. Support transparency
  2. Large file size
  3. Slow loading time
  4. Higher image quality
  • How to use Shopify Inbuilt System for WebP Images Delivery

    An image file format of the next generation with exceptional compression capabilities. To reduce the file size, both lossy compression and lossless compression methods are used. with image compression possibilities that exceed JPG and PNG, WebP is the fastest-loading image format and enhances the speed of your website. If your customer’s browser supports WebP, Shopify will automatically render uploaded images as WebP.

    In some browsers, such as Internet Explorer, WebP images cannot be viewed, and many visual editing programs do not allow you to modify or save WebP images.

Why do Image Formats Matter?

Image formats play a crucial role in the speed and performance of a shopify store. Understanding image formats helps you maintain image quality on a basic level.

Understanding file formats means understanding file sizes, which makes sending and storing images easier. It also affects the load times for your website’s pages, which impacts user experience and search engine optimization.

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