Speed index in Shopify

SI is dependent on the size of the browser view port and differs from other metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP) or Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) because it is not a milestone on your page’s loading timeline.

1. Identification for Speed index

Tools like GT metrix,lighthouse,Page speed insights

2. Speed index audits relate

  • Use lazy loading images.Content that loads as the user scrolls down is called lazy loading.
  • Add placeholders.
  • Embrace progressive images
  • Eliminate unnecessary downloads
  • Compress your data
  • Create a caching hierarchy
  • Optimize your images
  • Optimize your fonts

Shopify Speed Optimization Service Packages

To improve the speed of your Shopify site with our speed optimization packages Contact Us. We can assist you in choosing the services that will help you.

Choose your Shopify Optimization Plan Basic Web Vitals
Prices (in USD) $150 $429
Pass the Google Core Web Vitals – Real User Experience (Product Page)***
6 Months Support
Google PSI Homepage Score * (For Desktop) 50-60 Pass Web Vitals***
Google PSI Product Page Score ** (For Desktop) 50-60 Pass Web Vitals
Google PSI Homepage Score * (For Mobile) 40-50 Pass Web Vitals***
Google PSI Product Page Score ** (For Mobile) 40-50 Pass Web Vitals
Free SEO Audit
Optimize My Site Optimize My Site
*Few Shopify Apps are known to reduce score and increase load time due to higher JS payload. In case during our Optimization we find such Apps we will inform about the App and communicate with App providers and get it resolved or recommend an alternative App as a solution.
**Higher JS payload due to Apps result in lower Google Page Speed Insights( PSI ) score specially for mobile. Hence while we guarantee score improvement we can guarantee achievable score by alternate App usage or some custom shopify coding.
***May require design and functionality change.
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