Serve Images in Next Generation in Shopify Optimization

1. Identification for serve images in next-gen formats

Tools like GT metrix,lighthouse,Page speed insights

How do you solve Serve next-gen formats

  • Use JavaScript to detect support for WebP. You can do this by writing your own custom code that attempts to decode a WebP image
  • Use browser that accept headers
  • Modify the Hypertext Access
  • Serve multiple sizes and formats with HTML 5

Basic Optimization

(One time fee)
$249 (USD)
Desktop Performance Score 80+
Improved Mobile Performance Score
Upto 3 secs load time
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Advanced Core
Web Vitals

(One time fee)
$449 (USD)
Basic Optimization Plan +
Pass core web Vitals*
Upto 2 secs load time
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*May require design and functionality changes
#Blog Pages are not part of Optimization Scope

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