Reasons to Switch to Video Advertising That Nobody Tells You About!

Your Content Goes HereThere once was a time when people only saw video ads on TV. It would be a few minutes long, and it would interrupt the show that they were watching. But then, the internet came along. And with it came video ads on websites.

People would be browsing the web, looking for information, or just browsing for fun, and they would suddenly see a video ad pop up. It would be a few minutes long and interrupt the website they were looking at. And now, with the rise of social media, we see video ads on social media platforms too. People scroll through their newsfeeds and see a video ad pop up.

What is Digital Video Ad Spending?

As the name suggests, ad spend is the amount marketers spend on advertising. In the case of video ads, it is the amount of money spent on promoting a video on various platforms. This does not take into account the cost of creating a video. According to a recent report, around $180.40 billion was spent in 2022 in ad spending alone, and the projections suggest that 2022 ad spending would be over $700 billion globally. 

As most social media platforms are pushing video and video as the most sought-after format of content consumption, it is only natural for more and more brands to invest in video for advertising. According to a recent survey, over 86% of digital marketing professionals used video ads in the past year. While these numbers indicate the amount of money spent on all formats of digital ads, a significant portion was on video ads worldwide.

If you are a marketer, now is the time to explore video-based advertising for your brand. You can use an online video editor to create catchy video ads using your content, images, and some stock music. Most of these tools let you customize your ad based on the platform.

For instance, if you plan on advertising on Facebook, you must look for Facebook ad templates, place your content, and create your ad. As these templates are optimized for the platform, you do not need a professional to help you with video editing. If you are still trying to convince, read on to find out why video ads are the future of marketing.

Better Engagement

In a survey, over 78% of marketers said that video ads boosted their engagement, while 86% saw an increase in website traffic. The reason for this is simple, video-based content is easy to consume, comprehend, and share. Your audience is likely to prefer explainer videos to understand how your product works rather than reading through a lengthy document or scrolling through images.

That’s because, in a video ad, they can see how you are using the product and the real-time result without a language barrier. Besides that, video ads can be of numerous types. You can use an explainer video, a testimonial, a product demo, etc. Besides that, the way people consume content has changed significantly.

People no longer spend hours on social media from their laptops and desktops. It is the mobile screen that is taking over. This means that the content you are sharing should be optimized for the tiny screens on their hands, and what better way to do this than videos?

Better Brand Recall

A survey found that videos are a great way to get the message across about your product or service and a better way to build a loyal audience. The research also suggests that over 26% of prospective customers are more likely to remember your product and brand when they see your ad as a video over a static image or text ad. 

So, your customers are more likely to remember your ad, engage with the ad, and share it with their friends. Besides that, video ads are sharable, which means that your audience can share the videos with their friends, family, and loved ones if they find a connection with the ad. This increases your ad reach, builds brand recall, and boosts brand loyalty. All of these are the common goals of marketing.

Higher Click-Through Rate

Websites that use a video on their landing page have a higher conversion rate than websites that do not. According to a report, websites with videos had a 4.8% conversion rate compared to the 2.9 percent conversion rate of websites without a video. In other words, you can be sure of getting a better click-through rate than any other ad format.

The reason for this is simple: video ads can be used to tell a story, and people love stories and find them memorable. It is no wonder that more customers buy a product when they see a video ad over a text or image ad. This is probably because people love to see and understand what they are buying rather than just buying the product and figuring it out later.

So, when you use a video ad, even if created with a simple free video maker, your audience will likely find it more engaging than an ad with the fanciest images.


Video content is easy to understand and breaks the language barrier. Until a few years ago, video content was limited to just Youtube and Tiktok, but things have changed. Almost every social media platform, from Facebook to Instagram, is pushing videos over other content types as that is what the audience love.

It is no wonder that over 82% of internet traffic in 2022 is from videos alone. As a brand owner or a marketer, you need to bank on this trend and invest in video marketing now. This will ensure that you reach out to your audience better and stand ahead of the competition. We hope you found this blog useful. If you did, give us a shout-out!


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