How To Boost Your Video Ads ROI

Whether you’re promoting a service or selling a product through an e-commerce platform like Shopify, running ads can help you reach more people. However, experimenting with ads can be tricky, as you need to be careful about reaching the right audience while also ensuring you’re not wasting money. While there are plenty of ways to run ads, going with videos as your main media can be helpful.
Today, running video ads is one of the most effective ways to catch people’s attention, especially in e-commerce. However, it can be quite challenging. With a video ad, you might need more investment as you’ll need to pay for a video editor, and depending on your subject, you also need to pay for an artist or designer to create the video and the content. But according to stats, plenty of people are attracted to this type of media, so going for this might be worth your time and investment.
With that, here are some tips on how to increase your Return on Investment (ROI):

Know Your Audience

One of the first things you need to do to boost your ROI with video ads is to know your audience. This will help you determine what to do and how you can catch their attention. It’ll be such a waste to create an elaborate video only to discover that your target audience prefers videos that are simple and straight to the point. Moreover, knowing your target audience also helps you find out their interests and how to use these interests to attract them to your content.
As you learn more about your audience, you need to cater to their needs. For example, if you’re selling a product for dogs, you can show dogs with their owners and how to actually use the product, rather than simply listing its features. That way, you can show your audience how your product can help improve their lives.

Prioritize The First 10 Seconds

The first 10 seconds of any video are crucial as they set the tone and mood for your audience. This is where you need to capture their attention as much as possible. Missing out on this detail can cause people to just click away as what you’re showing them seems uninteresting, boring, or irrelevant to their needs. As people’s attention span is getting shorter by the day, you need to be quick on your feet and keep their eyes glued to their screens.
You can create an eye-catching title and thumbnail, and show the product’s or service’s highlights during the first 10-second mark. While this might require some extra creativity, it’ll surely help to attract more viewers and increase your chances of improving your ROI.

Add Captions

Not everyone is comfortable turning up the volume to watch videos, especially when they’re out in public. Moreover, some videos might also include voices with a heavy accent that not everyone understands. To help your audience understand the video, even without audio, adding captions would be a great idea.
Ideally, you should create your own captions and not rely on video-generated ones for accuracy. If you’re planning to display your video ad internationally, you should also adjust your captions based on the specific countries for better understanding.

Use High-Quality Video

With the technological advancements in the past few years, it’ll be funny and irrelevant to watch an ad that looks like it was made back in 2005. This might cause you to lose credibility as you don’t seem updated on the latest trends and are stuck with the technology from a decade or so ago. It might also cause your audience to skip ahead as what you’re showing them isn’t interesting.
To boost your video ad ROI, you should prove to your audience that you’re relevant and are up to the highest standards—a combination of useful content, high-quality video, and great editing skills. You can bid goodbye to slideshow-like videos.

Understand The Latest Trends

A great way to increase your ROI through video ads is by hopping on the trend train. If there’s a current issue or trend that most people are talking about, you can consider joining in and creating your own version of it. It could be a funny, formal, or casual tone for your video.
However, while it might generate great ROI for the first few days, don’t expect to receive the same engagement after a few weeks, as the trend will slowly fade and will make way for a new one. Additionally, you can use a video downloader Chrome extension to download trending videos so you can study them. This’ll help you have a better grasp of the trends and identify how you can implement them in your own campaign.

Do A Split Test

Running video ads can be expensive, especially if you’re targeting a large audience for the long term. Moreover, it can be wasteful if they don’t work well with the conditions you’ve set. To avoid wasting money, you should consider doing a split test and see which ads work best for your campaign.
When doing a split test, you can divide your audience into two to five sets. You can categorize them by age group, location, interest, and more. As you run your ads, analyze how each set behaves and see which one you need to discontinue, and allocate the budget to the better and more productive ad set. This will help you minimize your losses and focus on ads that actually work.

Tailor Your Ad To Every Video Platform

Today, there are plenty of social media platforms that welcome video ads. As you aim to spread your ad through every platform, you should tailor your video to each of them. You can begin by learning their required video sizes and adapting your media accordingly. You can also create ads optimized for mobile users.
Moreover, you should also consider using social media management software to analyze each platform’s behavior further, see the latest ad trends, and explore possibilities.


Running video ads might drain your wallet if you don’t do it right. But with extensive research, you should be able to identify the things you need to do to make your investments profitable. While it might require multiple tests, identifying what works best for your audience and implementing it properly will help you achieve your goals in terms of increasing your ROI.

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