How to select the right Magento agency for your e-commerce site

April 06, 2021 | 08 min read

How to select the right Magento agency for your e-commerce site

1. QuickRead

If you’re going to open a brick-and-mortar shop today, you’d need architects and building designers to have a top-notch retail outlet.
Consider Magento as the architect of your e-commerce store. It’s efficient, simple, scalable, and robust. In reality, it is the first option of major e-commerce retailers such as Pepsi, Levis, Macy’s, and many others. The platform boasts prolific applications, unrivaled store customizations, hundreds of themes and extensions, data and order management, and many other impressive features e-commerce giants need to boost and sustain their company in 2021.
According to BuiltWith, 824,399 websites use the Magento e-commerce platform, which includes 225,868 live stores, and many more retailers are switching to this platform every new day.
With such huge success, many developers and development agencies have embraced the Magento Platform. But the problem with these developers is that they don’t spend time learning Magento’s creation concept, which in return leads to more problems for e-commerce stores that commission them for business, down the road.

2. Requirements for the selection of the Magento Development Agency

Since this is a critical question, I am writing this blog post to help store owners decide how to select the right Magento 2 Agency to carry out their e-commerce projects properly.

Determine what your needs are

Before you reach out to any Magento development business, have a good understanding of your needs. Determine the requirements; it’s easier to write it down from scratch so that you can get it back in the future if you need it.

Be precise about what you need

A variety of your items should be included in your criteria, ranging from consumer expectations, industry insights, and rivals. Based on the relevant details, evaluate your business needs and have a clear vision about what kind of e-commerce store you need.
When the requirements are complicated, it becomes important for the store owners to develop a strong team that is friendly with e-commerce, business intelligence, and has a marketing experience to take care of the online business

Establish an estimated budget

It all comes down to estimating the investment budget needed by your e-commerce venture to develop the Magento shop. If a company makes a profit of $20M per year and spends just $20K on its Magento e-commerce store, it would be pointless.
A basic rule of thumb is that in order to create a fabulous e-commerce store you should invest about 5 percent of your overall revenue.
In addition, since these are additional to the Magento web development services, the e-commerce company should also set the numbers needed for licensing and hosting costs.

3. Secrets to choosing the right Magento company for growth

It’s time to scout around for the best Magento development company now that you’ve set your criteria and outlined your budget. Taking the following secrets into account, do your research and look for a Magento 2 agency with extensive experience in delivering projects of the same scale, specifications, and nature as your company’s.
A simpler way to answer these questions is to ask the following question yourself:

Is this a Magento Certified Agency or Magento Solutions Partner?

The easiest way to search for Magento 2 is to figure out how many licenses it has. Along with a certification scheme to which Magento developers and production companies can apply, Magento operates a structured collaboration program. A Magento e-commerce software company must develop a minimum number of Magento projects and have Magento Accredited Developers in its team to apply for the partnership. Every year, these developers would have to sit for an exam so that they remain up to date.

How old is this organization in Magento? When was it built? How many years of experience does it have?

Experience counts a whole lot for Magento! That’s why it’s important to know how many years the Magento agency has worked to build and manage e-commerce stores focused on Magento. When interviewing agencies, ask them how many projects they have developed or completed? Do they have Magento 2 platform developers qualified and certified for Magento? Experience counts a whole lot for Magento! That’s why it’s important to know how many years the Magento agency has worked to build and manage e-commerce stores focused on Magento. When interviewing agencies, ask them how many projects they have developed or completed? Do they have Magento 2 platform developers qualified and certified for Magento?

Technologies used in the process of development of the Magento Store

Development agencies at Magento should stay up to date with the new technologies and trends. They should also have access in abundance to support networks and forums so that they do not get lost when solving your issue. So, research a bit about the new innovations and resources that might be needed by the Magento development companies and look for them in the agencies you need to shortlist for business.
You need to employ a Magento agency that has experience with the latest technology and provides flawless help, seamless transition, and successful monitoring whether you are a start-up or have a Magento store that you want to revamp.
You will reap full benefits by selecting a Magento web development company that uses best practices and respects ethics. Make sure they are well-acquainted with the latest technologies for web development, too.

Magento Agency that Ensures Credibility and Confidentiality of Data

It’s difficult to believe in someone you’ve never met. During the in-house development phase of Magento, it is a bit difficult to secure the shared data while outsourcing. There is no true, bulletproof way to avoid your data being hacked by anyone. There are, however, some realistic steps to cover or to prevent losses:

Agreement on Non-disclosure (NDA)

It is a legal agreement that must be signed by both the client and the Magento development company to agree that the project and its vital data will not be exchanged without consent from anyone outside.

Transferring Code

You should be given intellectual rights over the technology/code. As not all firms mention it in the contracts, it is important, so keep an eye out for that too.
Keep in mind that the right Magento production company will always be upfront with you and that their processes will be completely transparent. For years, an accomplished Magento agency would certainly have a command on fine-tuning Magento stores, and their experience with countless projects will make you feel secure.

4. Study Size and Prestige of the Development Agency for Magento

When considering the size and prestige of a Magento development agency, it is important to know if the Magento web development company has enough resources and expertise to achieve your e-commerce goals. Find out things like existence, reputation, Magento Agency reviews that you’ve selected.

Magento Development Company’s portfolio, ongoing ventures, and clientele

Check the Magento development agency’s portfolio and currently completed projects to get an insight into how it deals with its customers. High quality and world-class Magento services can be provided to you only by an experienced Magento eCommerce development company. You will get an idea of the quality, expense, and success of delivering the Magento projects on time by looking at their portfolio and customers.

Take References, Read Reviews and Testimonials

Hearing what their other clients have to say is most important. How did they assign priority to any emergencies that occurred? Have they been open for discussion? What were the challenges that they faced while working with this development agency?
You may also look for feedback and customer reviews of the Magento development company. If you want to introduce some custom features in your Magento Shop, find the answers in these reviews and testimonials. Maybe previous clients had the same experience, and you can benefit from that.

Do they make a contribution to the Magento Community?

Do they have a collection on Instagram? An account with GitHub? What are they posting about on Facebook or Tweet? How active are their employees at Magento StackExchange or StackOverflow? Do they blog on a regular basis about PHP, eCommerce, and Magento?
The places listed above are some of the best platforms for the Magento community. That’s why it’s important to know if this particular Magento development company is offering its support to the community through its contributions.
You may also want to verify whether the Agency also participates in local Magento community activities. Magento Meetups, Meetings, Conferences, and Online Communities are areas where they can have an active presence.

5. Transparency and Customer Services

Agency—Customer partnership is by default a two-way street. The crucial thing to note when talking to prospective Magento agencies is to be straightforward, truthful, and open about what you’re looking for. Make sure that the Magento production company with which you are in touch is also involved in maintaining a continuous and fruitful relationship with you.

Fair Price and Cost Estimate

Make sure you inquire about the price or cost estimates of the Magento Development Agency that you have chosen to work with and get a breakdown of how time and cost are allocated to the planned tasks. It will demonstrate a clear picture and understanding of the objectives of your solution and fair pricing.
You may also ask them about payments for any extra work, such as adding custom features, or a unique design that will make your Magento store stand out from the rest. To prevent misunderstandings and uncertainty, the Magento web development company should give you a proper pricing policy.

Location and means of communication

Communication is the most important skill you’ve got to look for in a Magento development company. The landscape has changed a lot in recent years. We live in different time zones, and English might not be everyone’s first language. This might become an obstacle to doing business.
Always look for a Magento agency who can appreciate the distribution of your terms. There are a lot of Magento teams out there who can interact better than Magento’s development companies next to your door. I’ve noticed several cases where clients based in the US appreciated Magento’s offshore developers for their enhanced communication skills.

6. Quality & Development

If you want to develop a successful Magento eCommerce company, quality testing and deployment should be your priority. Find out what the top Magento web development companies and their high-quality services claim, maintaining process stability, accuracy and performance.

Project Testing and Quality Assurance

Often, the best Magento software companies use an Agile or Scrum-based approach to development. This ensures that the deadlines are met and that the code is reviewed before the final product is handed over to the consumer. This strategy also reduces the probability of bugs and errors.

Project Deployment and Post-Deployment & Maintenance

Is it nice to have a clear picture of how Magento’s production company manages project deployments and what you can expect when that happens? Do they track all the improvements they’ve made? What are their methods for making adjustments to the level of production? Bear in mind that the implementation phase should be professional enough to ensure that your customers are not impacted by any technological or functional problems that occur in your Magento shop.
Maintenance and post-deployment, once deployed, ensure the proper functioning of your Magento shop. To improve the overall user experience and the output of your Magento store, support is critical. The best Magento production companies still provide continuous maintenance and at all times ensure 24/7 service.

7. What other programs does the Development Agency of Magento provide?

A good Magento development company with an impressive track record of technological prowess and outstanding services will help you minimize costs, save time and increase sales. For your Magento shop, it can turn out to be a worthy asset.
To have Magento Hosting, Marketing Services, SEO/PPC, and all the others under one roof, most Magento merchants would love it. However, for each service you need, it is far easier to choose best-of-the-breed agencies according to my views.

8. Bottom-line

The production agencies of e-commerce and Magento are modern-day architects, and they need the same techniques to get to the top. They support entrepreneurs in setting up their online companies and helping them prepare for the future. When they have been installed, they help keep the shops in good shape and prevent pitfalls.
To get your projects completed within the target timeline, these are some of the best Magento development agencies. Feel free to contact and get your e-commerce store off the ground with either of them.
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