Benefits of Magento Module Development

April 06, 2021 | 08 min read

Benefits of Magento Module Development

1. QuickRead

Magento Merchants are the fortunate ones to have a lot of e-commerce. Thanks to the provision of Magento Plugins, they can easily change the features, look and feel of their stores. It’s hard to do this for other networks. Most traders today attribute a 10 to 80 percent improvement in their revenue due to the functions that Magento offers.
Now, while we’re using the terms modules and extensions interchangeably, there’s a fine line between them. Modules are just a bundled version of extensions. And both have the ability to adjust the features and functionality of Magento e-commerce stores. Today, we’ll hear about the advantages of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions. But before we do that, let’s find out:

2. When and why should you consider investing in such extensions?

Before you buy Magento extensions, the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether your company can configure Magento extensions on its own or can you function on the basis of the modules offered by the Magento community? Customization is the way to go if you are an organization that takes care of sales online. A Magento Software Company that produces custom Magento Plugins can be hired to help you boost your customer outreach and brand loyalty.
We are here with some advantages that will help you determine whether or not to invest in them if you are still in two minds about incorporating Magento extensions into your e-store.

3. You Can Keep Inventory Blues at Bay

For any company that deals with products, inventory management is one of the most critical processes. For e-commerce firms, the same is true. It will tie up your cash if you have overdone the inventory and if you have undergone it, you might run out of stocks.
You should consider adding Magento 2 extensions to keep this scenario balanced and manage real-time inventory data, which can help you with the following:
  • Management of Product Inventory
  • Supporting Multi-Store
  • The Management of Vendors
  • Buy Order Management
  • Management for Sales Orders
  • The Monitoring of Inventory Transaction Log
  • Push Alerts for Updates to Inventory
The inventory extension in which you invest should be able to handle two of the most common data types, inventory, and item.

4. You can improve the efficiency of the backend

The backend of your e-commerce store has many components. And you will need user-friendly and manageable modules that can help you easily navigate the backend and frontend of your e-store. You might also get busy establishing client relationships as a company owner and be on the move. This means you’d need the facility to handle the backend of your e-store through your smartphone. Check the market and you will be able to find several Magento extensions through your smartphone that helps you manage customer information, profiles, feedback, and sales reports. This is how they are helping:
  • Store Products Management
  • Customer Management
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Push Notifications for Important Actions
  • Customer Review Management
  • Business Insights on Reports
If you wish to invest in one of these plugins for admin management, ensure that they have any or all of the features listed above.

5. You can handle distribution & monitoring on-time

It becomes important that you deliver the goods on time after you have built your Magento store and you are growing with the growing number of orders. If not, it can impact the brand’s overall perception. Some owners of e-stores use conventional methods to keep track of shipped items and email their clients by letting them know where their products are located. But this may retain many loopholes and produce human errors in the system. You can help get over these blues with a Delivery Date Scheduling extension.
It makes it possible for your clients to:
  • Pick Time & Date of Delivery
  • Between orders and delivery, fixed intervals
And it allows the Administrator to:
  • Build a Format for Date & Time
  • Keep track of delivery orders
  • Show Time & Date of Delivery with Charges
Shipping schedulers are a great help if you want to exceed customer expectations and surprise them by always delivering on time!

6. To a broader audience, you can reach

Today’s owners of e-commerce stores cite ‘language’ as one of the greatest challenges to meeting the global audience. When the consumers do not understand the goods and services, the abandonment of the cart follows. Now, it will also be hard for you to follow up if you don’t interact with your guests in the language they speak. This is when an extension of a language interpreter will come to your rescue. It allows for huge and particular translations of your website material and communicates with the global audience in the language of their choosing. Take a look at the kind of functionality offered by such plugins:
  • Translate Product Details
  • Mass Translate the Content of Your Choice
  • Search and Translate Specific Strings of Content
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Store Review Translation
  • Translation of Bulk Categories
Such translation extensions usually run on the Google API key and provide you with the best possible results.

7. You will save on costs for development

Look for a business with Magento Production. Provide the specifics required. Figure out the expenses. Wait for the developers to code the features of your choosing. And the list is continuing! Now, you can quickly find them if you go to Magento Marketplace and check for extensions to fulfill those functionalities. All you need to do is verify with the company that sells Magento Extensions whether the plugin is compatible with your Magento platform or not.
Magento has announced that it will include security updates until June 2020 for versions 1.9 to 1.12 only. After that, if they want to keep vulnerabilities at bay, it might become necessary for the Magento store owners to switch to the Magento 2 platform. And you should still try adding Magento 2 plugins in order to fill the gaps in functionality.
When it comes to integrating extensions that have all the functionalities described above, OSC is the store to go. Why not have a virtual tour of our website and find out more about the characteristics and features provided by our extensions?

8. How OSC fits into this picture

We have accredited developers at OSC who have rich experience in custom module creation for Magento. Any of these modules can be created by our developers and seamlessly incorporated into your shop. Connect today with our experts. Please drop us an email at

9. Parting Thoughts

Note that a well-adapted Magento module will carry your company entirely to a new level. In case you’ve gone through a lot of modules online and haven’t found what you need, it’s time to consult Custom Magento Development for assistance and reap the benefits Magento’s personalized online store brings to your company.
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