Different Tax Rates with Different Magento View

Tax structures in default Magento such as tax calculation, tax class, and tax rates and other tax configuration are usually enabled on the website level. Generally, store owners are unable to charge different taxes for different customers in each store view as it makes it necessary due to several issues that are related to certain tax policies.
Magento tax per store view is one of the best extensions for store owners to charge customers with different taxes of a product in a specific store view. The extension allows to easily select the specific tax classes in each store view with a changed scope of tax class attribute into Store View. Store owners can easily apply separate taxes of the same product per store view.
Default Magento stores usually don’t allow the admin to apply tax at a store view level but the tax is allied on the whole website. However, in case if a Magento store charges their customer corresponding to store views then it is quite difficult to do this issue with the default. In such scenario, Magento Tax per Store View helps stores to flexibly apply specific tax class with the customized tax rate for a product in each store view letting the store owner achieve some tax strategies of their business.

Magento Tax per Store View lets: –

  • Enable to edit the product prices for the same items per store view in each store
  • Enable to edit group prices, special prices, and tier prices for same items per store view in each store
  • Let’s set up of base currency for each store view
  • Customers can easily check out with a base currency of their store view
  • Let’s Display product prices both on the category page and product page in each store view
  • Works well with all product types

Many stores include store views and often have many customers across the globe. This is the reason why charging different taxes as per products in per store view can become more of a necessary demand as each country has some specific tax policy. Meeting the demands with the smartest solution is to give different taxes for a product that too in a specific store view with the default support.
Different Tax Zones & Rates
Tax rates usually apply to transactions that take place within a specific geographical area. Tax zones and rates enable to specify the tax rate. Tax zones and rates tool enables store owners to specify the tax rates for each geographical area. Each tax zone has rate specification and unique identifier. Depending on the geographical area you might have multiple tax rates.

Depending on the store’s address store taxes are calculated. The actual customer tax for an order is calculated after the customer completes the order information. Magento then calculates the actual tax depending upon the tax configuration of the store with the following steps: –

  • In the Admin menu, select Sales > Tax > Manage Tax Zones & Rates.
  • Click the Add New Tax Rate Button In the upper-right corner.
  • In the Tax Rate Information section> Tax Identifier field> Enter a unique name for the tax (Make sure that you do not use any spaces)
  • Now Select the location of the Country and State.
  • In case if you want the ZIP or postal code represented as an individual code, set Zip/Post is Range, to “No.” and enter the Zip/Post Code.
  • Or instead, if you want the postal code or ZIP to be represented as a range, set Zip/Post is Range to “Yes.” And enter the range from and range to values.
  • Now in the Rate Percent field, enter the percentage of tax.
  • In the Tax Titles section, enter a name of this tax for each store view.
  • Click on the Save Rate button when completed.

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