Magento Migration Service : Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Magento 2 is a superior breed if compared against Magento 1 or against any of the other open-source eCommerce solutions.

Benefits :

  1. Performance optimization
  2. Better checkout
  3. Enhanced security
  4. User-friendly admin interface
  5. Better checkout
  6. SEO friendly
  7. Scalable
  8. No conflict within Modules which was a known shortcoming in Magento 1
  9. Powerful and flexible Architecture
  10. Higher conversion
  11. Higher revenues.

Our approach for Migration:

  1. Analyze your Present Built
  2. Define and refine Project requirement
  3. Data Migration ( limited to some predefined scope )
  4. Configuration Migration
  5. Install/build the theme
  6. Install Modules needed for the template, marketing, and trekking.
  7. Install Business Model extensions (extra reasonable efforts)
  8. Convert your custom code to Magento 2 (extra reasonable efforts)
  9. Performance Optimization
  10. SEO
  11. QA
  12. Go live (with minimum downtime.)

Standard Magento1 to Magento 2 Migration Package covers the following :

Data Migration:

We will Migrate

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Migrate Tax rules, catalog rules, shopping cart rules, Promotional rules, and coupons

Configuration Migration :

We will Migrate all configurations that are applicable.

Approach for Theme:

  • We will show few highly optimized themes to select from.
  • Within that selected theme structure we will work to achieve design results.

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Migrating your store in a way so that your SEO is not impacted negatively.

Additional info :

This is a package that we designed for a smooth and economical transition. So the following will apply:

  • We will replace modules that had an impact on design with our selected extension to achieve expected results.
  • We will not be modifying Checkout.
  • The structure of the Template will remain similar to the selected theme and will not be changed.
  • Payment Gateway norms keep upgrading hence we do not recommend custom coding for Payment Gateways.
  • We will not be handling any modules where there is business logic associated with this package which impacts sales funnel.
  • Third-party integration will be considered as extra work like Warehouse integration, ERP integration, etc.

If there are features that need some work, not in our standard package we will let you know and on your approval will implement.

Our Commitment :

  • We will deliver the Migration in 2 months if all our queries are answered on time and we get all the required media and content on time.
  • We have partnered module company or developed certain modules so as to keep the cost down due to modules at minimal while making sure that upgrades are not hampered.
  • Free Google shopping feed module to help with your Adwords campaign.
  • Complimentary two months of Digital Marketing consultancy and support for no additional cost.
  • Three thousand words ( two articles of around 1500 words) free quality content for SEO.

Some Important Recommendations:

  • Not all Modules should be migrated.
  • If not needed avoid additional modules as they can create challenges with upgrades.
  • Magento 1 support will end on June 2020.

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1. What will happen to My previous version data?
Ans: All the products, customer and order data will be exported and available. Migration if data created by extension that resulted in additional tables are considered as a separate task but is workable.
2. Is it painful to migrate to magento 2?
Ans: Not at all. Though this is not an upgrade but with tools, experience, and detailed communication Migration can be done smoothly.
3. Where will My store be on previous functionality?
Ans: Your store’s previous functionality excluding functionalities stated above will be in place. Also as Magento has lots of new features you will be benefiting from those features as well.
4. What If My store is a multi-store?
Ans: No issues but we will have a different quote for Multi-store migration.
5. What will be the cost of Migration?
Ans: We are reasonable and we can say that you will get value for your money. Please contact us for a quote.