Android eCommerce Application

Mobile commerce is becoming a revolution in eCommerce era now a days. Peoples are more relying on their mobile phones rather than their computers. Mobile itself have became a source to do the work of computers. Android technology have became the key technology to rule as It is an easy way to stay connected with the world. Why to stay away from your business then? Android eCommerce application is a complete solution to be always connected with your business from anywhere. Android eCommerce application allows you to access the admin panel of your eCommerce site, from where you can manage orders, customers, categories and products.
This Application gives you the power to manage your e-store and e-business related to it with just few clicks. You can also view reports related to your business by using the application. This is a smart way to be updated with your business without spending time in front of your PC at your office or home. You can be connected to your business without sacrificing your schedules as it is convenient and simple to use.
Simple way to be connected with your business.
Easy and time saving.
Can manage orders and customers with just touch of your figures.
Short and Convenient Navigations.