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Magento Customization

Magento customization is a process of Changing, Enhancing, Personalizing or Modifying Magento in a unique form with Unique Designs (Look and feel) and Functions (Inputs and outputs) so that a perfect eCommerce shop can be built as per requirements.

Customization itself defines the property of Modification, Enhancement and Change. Magento being a flexible eCommerce platform, provides power to change, mould, modify or personalize its features, Functionality, usability etc. The flexibility provided by Magento helps to mould it to any form according to requirement also its powerful tools guide to customize it in any form as per requirements and expectations.

Magento enables us to customize Templates, Modules, Store, Cart, Category, etc. It can be personalized in such a way, that it looks totally unique.Though Magento Includes some capable features and functionality which can be used as they are, but still modifications matters as to make a store different from others, some extra functionality are always needed. Also if some functions or features are not useful, they have to be dropped out. Customization enables us to add or remove features or functions of user and admin interface in Magento.
Hence,Magento customization plays a key role in unique eCommerce site development.