Magento Development – For a Flexible Web Store

What is Magento?

Magento is a open source e commerce software application demand everywhere nowadays. It was developed by ‘Varien’ in 2008. It has two strongly supported editions Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Both edition support latest version with innovative functionality. Many store owner prefer Magento to their store because of flexibility.

Advantages using Magento

While creating website store owner want to run his websites fast with attractive functionalities. Our Magento brings effective solution for this. Magento development part has a various unique characteristics by using that one can create a high speed web site.

It support simple back-end development process, where we can add product using its functionalities and create attractive front-end. It offer promotional rules for your store where you can give discount and promote your product.

Its primary requirement for any site is the speed of site. If your site speed is slow then it will create more problem. Customer never wish to visit your site again and again.

So that to keep customer interest among you for a long time at your site, you should have to acquire Magento speed optimization. Magento upgrade speed of your site for that it provide full page cache, Java Script Magento Extensions, extra more extensions for speed optimization.

In Magento you may create multiple store with single installation. You may do not want to install separately Magento for each store. You can manage inventory for your store separately. This is the strong feature of Magento. You can run many store with single website.

Magento provide many Services and tools for our product promotion. It have many default functionalities. You may add different pricing structure for your product to attract customer towards product, such as Tier price, Special price, And Group price.
Some promotional tools support Magento like Catalog price rules and shopping cart price rules to offer discount to specific product.

Magento offer various modules and Template integration for our store to present our site attractively.

Our Company provide better service to create shop by Magento. Along with other extra services we provide such as Magento Modules, Magento Speed Optimization, etc. We also support services to create shop by using Prestashop, Open Cart, Zen cart, etc.

You may Join Us to create your Magento Store

We provide following services

  • Various Free extension provided by Magento including different functionality
  • Magento Speed Optimization
  • Magento Modules
  • Magento Customization
  • Magento Multi-store
  • Magento Security
  • 24/7 availability

We have a experienced enthusiastic development team. Each having a core knowledge of programming and development. We has been worked on number of sites using Magento and other frameworks.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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