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Move the social bookmark links into the body of the product information page in osCommerce.
For social bookmarks, there is a block for it in our own osCommerce store. The block named bm_social_bookmarks works for showing all social bookmarking links.
We will make it simple for you to understand.

Follow the below steps:

We can do this in two ways:

  • Place the required box contents to the product information page.
  • use the box code on the product information page.

1. Place the required box contents to the product information page:

First you need to change to all of your boxes as mentioned here in our store. Next you will have to output the contents of box bm_information.php to anywhere. You can add it at any place you would like. Suppose we added it on the product information page. As css of that box will not being worked for other place. You can simply modify that css as you need and place the below code where you exactly wanted the block.

The file is includes/modules/boxes/bm_information.php


Now, The box looks good or otherwise you can go with the second way described below.

2. Use the box code on the product information page.

  • Step 1: The only file to work on is catalog/product_info.php.

    Add following code to the

    Code for social

    Here,we have to just add the code used in the bm_socials_bookmarks.php box. Also be sure and do check if any social bookmarks modules are installed or not.
    If not then you can proceed further.
    You can use the above code anywhere in your product_info.php file.

    Place this code, you can place it anywhere.


  • step 2: Next part is to decide about the display of that buttons.
    Then next we have to do is, to echo $social that we created with the code above.
    Add that code where you want to display. I will add that code just before the Reviews and Add To Cart buttons section in product information page.
  • Step 3: Find this div with class button set.

    Place the <p> tag before

    Like this:

    I have a created a div to call a variable. You can use code like this or else you can create as your wish.

    Style it with proper css. There are some examples we can show you.


    or else the other example


    Add this to the bottom of your stylesheet.css file.

    Add many more icons of your choice here for bookmark.
    You can find couple of icons here .
    Go to the link

Our default osCommerce provides us a breadcrumb. Now what do you mean by breadcrumb? Let’s know a bit about breadcrumb. It is a navigation technique mostly used in user interfaces. It is also refereed as breadcrumb trail. Path like structure it shows and also the exact location of your current page you working on.

2014-06-16_14-41_Hardware, osCommerce

Here you see the default code for breadcrumb:

top navigation

For styling the breadcrumb area some steps you have to follow:

The related div having class “grid_24 ui-widget infoBoxContainer” and inner div containing class “ui-widget-header infoBoxHeading”. Using these classes you can modify your navigation with a new look and you can do certain changes with the help of css properties to look your breadcrumb good.

Next we will see some examples on the above topic.

How to style breadcrumb ?

There are two ways to style our breadcrumb.

  • To Change the ui-widget theme:

    In this case ui-widget theme refers to the jquery theme already available we can use them for our requirements.

    This will provide you nice look to your widget available in your store.

    The other thing we can do is we can change the whole theme to apply new look to our osCommerce store.
    By the use of ui-theme in jQuery you can add new theme to your widgets.

    Go for the below link:

    After applying ui theme “lightness” widgets in our store looks like this:


  • Individual Styling:

    We have to make changes on this file catalog/stylesheet.css.

    Add to your code at the end of the file.

    In our default store,already css classes are specified for each block through jQuery.

    Now here, we are going to use as a “prefix” for all other css classes is #header+div .

    The selector meant by, all the child div coming under parent div id “header” are to be selected and apply the respective properties.

    After we know this, we can easily start adding some rules of css.

    For reference see to the screenshot :Styling breadcrumb css.

    Styling breadcrumb css

    The store now looks like this:

    After new stling

    In this way you can add as many css properties as you want. And enjoy different styling effects on your store.

osCommerce uses two types of display buttons named “Primary buttons and secondary buttons”.
Primary buttons appears active and stronger on the page. Secondary buttons are little bit faded out .
But they can be easily recognized.

Use of Primary and Secondary Buttons:

Primary buttons are used for those definitions which belongs to highest priority and has more importance in overall store.
We can define highest and lowest priority using primary and secondary buttons.

You can be clear after referring the below screenshot.
We will take an example on it.

You can see in our default oscommerce on the product information page “add to cart” button is a primary button. This is the main and most important button on that page and that’s the reason to make it primary ,while the other like reviews button is a secondary one.

Button performing main and important action use a “primary” button, while any others use a “secondary” one.

Pictures2014-06-16_11-55_Microsoft IntelliMouse

  • The file: Each button must appear with its priority in the definition.

    The addtocart button:

    • See the example, we can see in file catalog/product_info.php

    tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART, ‘cart’, null, ‘primary’);

    Add to cart

    Here Priority is defined as primary for add to cart button.

    The “reviews” button:

    tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_REVIEWS . (($reviews[‘count’] > 0) ? ‘ (‘ . $reviews[‘count’] . ‘)’ : ”), ‘comment’, tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_REVIEWS, tep_get_all_get_params()));

    review buttons code

    Beside any other difference, that are not part of this topic, you can see that the “add to cart” button has the parameter “primary” while the “reviews” button, don’t have any parameter regarding this

    Other button example for a secondary button on the store

    tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_BUY_NOW, ‘cart’, tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), tep_get_all_get_params(array(‘action’)) . ‘action=buy_now&products_id=’ . $product[‘id’] ) , ‘primary’)

    Primary button

    A secondary button:

    tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_DETAILS, ‘info’, tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, ‘products_id=’ . $product[‘id’]))

    Secondary button code

    There are also some more buttons that appears secondary in our store for example “details” and “buy now” buttons.

    2014-06-16_12-22_Gadgets, osCommerce

    How these parameters works and display on frontend

  • the function:

    All buttons are created using the function “tep_draw_button(parameters)” This function is found in a file catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php

    function tep_draw_button($title = null, $icon = null, $link = null, $priority = null, $params = null) {}


    Here you can see 4th parameter in the function is $priority this is where the primary parameter is set.This parameter specifies the highest priority of the buttons

    The detail description of a function:

    if (!isset($priority)) {
    $priority = ‘secondary';

    code for priority

    If there is no priority set,the priority will automatically set to be secondary by default.

    Here next step,is to add ui-priority class to the button using function and also remove the parent class tdbLink

    $button .= ‘).addClass(“ui-priority-‘ . $priority . ‘”).parent().removeClass(“tdbLink”);‘;

    js code for priority

    It add the class “ui-priority-primary” or “ui-priority-secondary” to the “jQuery function“used with each button, depending on how $priority was defined before.

  • Next is some actions are also set through css:

  • the css

    In the css file of there are rules regarding the priority for each ui-theme used:

    *Priority wise css used for primary and secondary */
    .ui-priority-primary, .ui-widget-content .ui-priority-primary, .ui-widget-header .ui-priority-primary { font-weight: bold; }

    .ui-priority-secondary, .ui-widget-content .ui-priority-secondary, .ui-widget-header .ui-priority-secondary { opacity: .7; filter:Alpha(Opacity=70); font-weight: normal; }


    For applying same effects to primary and secondary buttons you can do this:
    Add and modify everything in css by adding new rules to your stylesheet.css file. This will can help you a lot.

    You can find your file ,follow this path catalog/stylesheet.css

    For example if you want both the buttons to be same, you can use he rules as follows:
    Suppose we have to apply on buy now button.

    ui-priority-primary, .ui-widget-content .ui-priority-primary, .ui-widget-header .ui-priority-primary { font-weight: normal; }

    .ui-priority-secondary, .ui-widget-content .ui-priority-secondary, .ui-widget-header .ui-priority-secondary { opacity: 1; filter:Alpha(Opacity=100); }

    secondary css

    This will look like this:

    Drama, osCommerce 2014-06-16 13-04-52

How To Add More Buttons To Your Website Header In osCommerce?

We can easily customize our osCommerce header, add as many buttons required in header. This is quite simple but still some people find difficult to execute. For them, let’s make simple so that they can easily understand. How to add more buttons of your choice like existing “checkout”, “cart content” and “my account” buttons.

Here we are providing stepwise procedure to add buttons in header:

The default osCommerce looks like this:

Step 1: In osCommerce catalog folder to edit go to catalog/includes/header.php use a copy of a file and do modifications in it.
(Note: Keep original file with you for backup.)

Step 2: Here, this part shows how to create button.

    • This code refers to the cart contents button which is already added in default osCommerce looks like this.

Default Header

  • Write the above code for creating button.

Default Code for Header

The role of tep_draw_button() function is it draws a button with a link and make it look like a simple button which can be clicked and used.

Step 3: To create a new button.

A button created should consists of button text, a link to a page like suppose if it belongs to cart button it should link to shopping cart where we can see our cart contents or any sort of a link and also a symbol that a button refers to.

Suppose we require Contact us button in header beside checkout button in our default osCommerce.

Create a new button with the help of tep_draw_button() function.

The code will look like this below.

tep_draw_button(HEADER_TITLE_CONTACT_US, ‘mail-closed’, tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US))

Button is now created.

    • The button link: .

Next after creating checkout button using tep_draw_button() function. Add a link to a button created.Now to how to add a link Use tep_href_link() function to add link to a button.


Above button is linked to contact us page.

**You can refer list of all files and their constants in file


    • The button link: .

This is following button code that we use as a reference:

Always use the text constants to define any text like.


Go to catalog/includes/languages/english.php open it.

define(‘HEADER_TITLE_CONTACT_US’, ‘Contact us’);

We can use different languages for our store and use defined constants anywhere in our store.

  • The button icon:
  • We can use icons for buttons.You have to follow the below reference for some jquery icons.Click on this link.

There are couple of icons that we may need for our use for the contact us button, we want the envelope type icon and for that we have ìui-icon-mail-closedî in jquery.

In short we will reqiure:

  • button_text
  • button_link
  • button_symbol

For more reference you can see some examples.

Some more examples to draw a button-2

Step 4: How to place button to the header?

You can place that button to anywhere you like. Now, we want it in the header.
Lets add it to there.

Customized code for header(a)-2

Our store will now look like this:

Customized Header

Or else if you want the contact us button after my account use the below code.

For code :Customized code for header(b)

Customized code for header(b)-2

Some more examples you can refer as:

You can add login logoff button and many more buttons of your wish and requirement.

To access products in our store we can use button named browse products:

More examples on customized header-2

Well, we are ready with our creative header. You can go for a change in searching more ideas and customize it to look better.

The OSCP Multi Store service is one of our most sought services. It helps run multiple web stores from a single web site. Multi Store provides multiple front ends and multiple language support through a single administrator. We recommend Magento for Multi Store solution as its basic architecture supports Multi Store options.
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Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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  • We work on both Enterprise and Community Magento version
  • We follow Magento coding standard
  • We design & display scalable Magento solution
  • Our code will not break on Magento Upgradation
  • Our programmers are highly expertise and professionals in Magento Customization
  • We provide optimum customization for your business requirement
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Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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Multi Store is one of the greatest revolutions in shopping cart websites.
The concept of Muti store borns with the increase in use and demand of multiple webstores linked to a single webstore.
Of late, many webstore owners are compiling their webstores at one place using the Multi Store functionality.
The Multi Store can be easily implmented with osCommerce, Magento,CRELoaded and Zen-Cart.
We are pleased to include the Multi Store functionality as one of our premier services.
We hold expertise in Multi Store solutions and provide Multi Store services using osCommerce, Magento and CRELoaded platforms.

You can visit our Multi Store demos by clicking on any of the following links:

osCommerce Multi Store

Magento Multi Store

CRELoaded Multi Store

The Multi Store modifications help to assign the products and categories to multiple webstores through a single admin panel. There will be the main store admin called super admin who has all priviliges and has moderation over all the sub-stores. The other webstores can see and access the admin according to the previliges assigned to them.

The super admin will assign categories to be displayed on desired store-fronts. The super admin also assign the products in that category to be displayed on desired store-fronts.

In osCommerce Multi Store and CRELoaded Multi Store you cannot share the shopping cart within sub-stores.
But for Magento we have developed a module called “share cart module for Magento Multi Store”. With the help of this module, the shopping cart will be shared within sub-stores.

Click here to visit our share cart module for Magento Multi Store.

Product based FAQs 125x150 Features
The Products based FAQ’s is a need based module to satisfy the oscommerce based webstore owners who has a desire to show the Products specific FAQ’s.

Our products based FAQ’s module helps to provide the more and featured information about the products in the form of question and answers. Read more..

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Product Review with Rating
Many customers has pre assumption that the product having good review is really good one.

The USP of our Review Product module is an additional facility to make it turn on or off through the admin. As osCommerce does not have a particular module for Review and Rating with an additional admin facility to turn on or off. Read more…

Product Review with Rating


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