VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged on Products and Shipping in many countries of European Union, UK, Ireland, Malta, Bahamas etc. Many countries offer VAT Exemption to a specific category of Citizen (Differently Abled) on list of specific products. Those specific products can be Health equipment’s and equipment essential for Differently Abled people. This module is basically a way out for not charging VAT for eligible customers. If your Web-store is in one of the country where VAT is applicable and you want to exempt VAT for any of your product(s) then this will be a very helpful module for you

Frontend Demo
Backend Demo

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VAT Exempt for Magento® 2




  • Customer can claim for VAT Exempt from Shopping Cart as well as from checkout

  • VAT Exempt status can apply for specific or all products

  • Supports Simple product, Configurable product

  • Supports Special Price and Tier Price

  • VAT exempt feature is applicable for Guest as well as Registered user

  • Tested for Payment Methods – Paypal Express /Sagepay/ Check-Money Order /Cash on delivery

  • Supports Product price excluding tax




  • Can Enable/Disable VAT exempt status for each product
  • Can Enable/Disable VAT exempt module at store level (Beneficial for multistore websites)
  • While creating Order from backend, ADMIN will be able to use VAT exempt feature
  • ADMIN can set custom price for any product while placing order from backend and VAT exempt will also be applicable


  • On checkout page, a VAT declaration form will be displayed if cart has atleast one VAT exempted product
  • Customer has to fill the declaration form stating the name of the person (that is using the product) and their condition
  • Customer will get an option whether they want to opt for VAT exempt or Not
  • If they choose to exempt VAT, the VAT will not be charged for that specific product




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