Tier Pricing App in Shopify

OSC’s (Tier Pricing App in Shopify) is one of the best ways to set up tiered and discount pricing for your store. This app will allow you to provide discounts on all your products and their variants purchased in bulk. You may set either a fixed-price or a discount for every quantity break. For a discount pricing approach, it’s an innovative tool that lets you create tiered-price & volume discounts within minutes. As a result, you ‘re going to sell more products per order and increase your average order value.

Quantity-based discounts

Create unlimited quantity break pricing based on the number of items that a consumer purchases in your store.

Get more profit from clients.

Boost order value and sales for your store by incentivizing visitors to add more items to their cart.

Easy to set-up

Apply bulk discounts and volume breaks with a single click to individual items, collections, labels, product categories, or the whole store!

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