Giving A Professional Touch To Your Website using PrestaShop Templatess

A business is an excellent way to start an online store is by using a shop template such as those provided by Prestashop Templates. PrestaShop is a modern e-Commerce system and templates solution is basically an open source package. You will get all the necessary skills of installing and customizing online shops. PrestaShop was introduced [...]

Aug 21st, 2014|

How to handle the Special characters in PrestaShop?

All shops not used to plain ASCII text content. Many special characters are not handled by PrestaShop, mostly those from languages that use a non-Latin alphabet. But PrestaShop is built around UTF-8, so you can easily support to the default behavior.How to handle the Carian language in PrestaShop? This method use the PCRE library. PCRE [...]

Aug 20th, 2014|

Use of Context Object in Prestashop

What is the Context object? The Context is a new technical feature of PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6. There are two types of goals. Stop using global variables. To change the context of some methods. The Context is a registry for PHP variables that were previously accessed as global. This is a light implementation of Registry [...]

Aug 20th, 2014|

How to create Pack Products in PrestaShop 1.5

In Prestashop 1.5, PACK option allows you to easily add one or more products in a bundle that you can sell to your customers. Packs functionality allow you to simplify preparing orders and also allow customers to take advantage of special prices and offers. Following are the steps to create a pack of products in [...]

Aug 6th, 2014|

Prestashop Coding Standards

When we write code, there's one thing we need to focus beyond the results, and that's the code consistency. This means you need to adopt conventions that would make all your project's code like it was written by the same person. It doesn't matter how many people were involved, you can't differentiate personal styles. To [...]

Aug 5th, 2014|

How to configure Multi Stores PrestaShop ?

Multistore is a very useful feature in PrestaShop 1.5.x. It allows you to create an unlimited number of different stores or websites within a single Prestashop installation. With Multistore, Management and Control are always centralized and you can sell out your products on different domains/sub-domains sharing the same admin panel. Following are the steps to [...]

Jul 17th, 2014|

How to manage New, Featured and Special products In PrestaShop 1.5.x.

PrestaShop allows you to add products as new, featured and special products for your store. New Products: Latest products in your store. Featured Products: If you want to emphasize the most important (best-selling, most recent, highest quality) product, then you can add all those products under Featured Products. Special Products: If you want to highlight certain products with [...]

Jul 15th, 2014|

How to Add or Manage Product Attributes in PrestaShop

Satish Mantri | 05 min read | Feb  6, 2020 Add or Manage Product Attributes in PrestaShop Attributes are called properties of a product that may change between variations, while still keeping the same product name: color, capacity, size, weight,and many more. [...]

Jul 14th, 2014|

How to Manage customers in Prestashop

Customer is a king of market. Customer is responsible for driving the market/your website so, you have to take good care of your customers. Customer profile contains all the information you need to have a package shipped to them. The Customers menu enables you to check on your customer's details, create groups to which you [...]

Jul 14th, 2014|

How to modify a tax in PrestaShop : 1.5.X.

Taxes are required for sales of your goods within a specific region. These taxes may also apply depending on region to which your goods are being delivered By default in PrestaShop, a tax applies to all countries/states/zones. If order to apply a specific tax rate for a single country or a set of countries (and [...]

Jul 12th, 2014|

How to manage store languages in PrestaShop 1.5.X.

05 min read | Jan 14, 2020 Manage store languages in PrestaShop 1.5.X In today’s scenario, multilingual website is an simple & effective way to create a durable impact on customer’s surfing through the internet. A multilingual website creates a platform to [...]

Jul 11th, 2014|

How to add product categories to your store in Prestashop

In a default Prestashop frontend as catalog, which contains products and product categories. You can customize and use your store in your way by adding products and categories. Prestashop seems to be creative, creating content and giving value to your online shop. To add products does not only mean adding an image and some text, [...]

Jul 10th, 2014|
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