Yesterday one of our clients asked to configure Google checkout with Magento services. The requirement was seems to be simple, client wants all flat rate shipping’s that are configured with Magento’s regular checkout in Google checkout. Its request was for three types of shipping’s should be handled via Google checkout payment methods that are with regular checkout.

1] United States shipping

2] Canada based shipping

3] All countries (supported by Google checkout).

We have to configure 3 flat rate shipping for Canada and 5 flat rate shipping for US.Though it looks simple, Google checkout doesn’t support multiple flat rate shipping configurations for Magento. In Google checkout with Magento there are only three custom options for Flat rate shipping and no provision for multiple flat rate shipping. For a while we thought we stuck. We went through forum but didn’t find any solution.

After analyzing we decide to tweak the code and we succeed. We implemented a module that can handles multiple shipping’s with Google checkout in Magento. We configured multiple flat rate shipping methods through code and it is applied only for normal payment checkout. But for Google checkout our module handle multiple flat rate shipping’s method for US based, Canada based & all countries through Google Checkout Shipping – Merchant Calculated settings. When a customer goes with Google checkout with US or Canada details respective to their location the multi shipping configured for it will appear. We think this is one of the best module for multiple flat rate shipping option for Google checkout in Magento.

If some one want to see demo please contact.