Magento Customization : Magento Extensions And Its Benefits

With new developments outputting up almost every day it is hard not to observe them. Magento is an e-commerce web application used to create online stores for free as it is authorized under an open-source software. The cost effectiveness and time saving nature of the newer technologies make impression over us by them from time to time. It is free that does not mean that its not creditable, this is a rising technology in the field of e-commerce. We all know the importance of Internet as well as the role e-commerce plays in the current technologically advanced scenario which is up to the minute. For development Magento uses MySQL as also PHP language is used for carry off Database.

People are now choosing to favor shopping online rather than going to the actual show room. Not only has it encouraged people to play, research and learn on line but also harbors the possibility of profiting immensely from online e-commerce stores. The most compatible, effective and reasonable solution is to use Magento. The online e-commerce Shopping has distinctive advantages which can not be over ruled. The very fact that it is open source answers most of the queries. The customer coverage of an online store is large. With Magento themes, templates, plug-in and Magento extensions you will be able to control every aspect of your online store.

It virtually covers every area where computer is in use that is virtually the whole globe. It takes care of all your important tasks like selling, promotions, site management, great control, catalog & product browsing, international support etc. It totally cuts out the need of personally visiting customers to proffer them valuable information. The collection of data related to consumers, sales etc is automatically stored in information improving you from stress of collecting data manually. Another benefit of using e-commerce web sites is that you can avail easier promotions at crazy low prices.

Benefits Of Magento Cart are as follows –

Magento commerce is easy to install with additional layouts and magento plugin. It is undoubtedly simplistic and powerful. Different from other open source shopping carts magento does not require e-store owners to have prior programming experience.

The smoothness and clean design of magento definitely helps. The default template looks very eye catchy and professional.

This feature proffers maximum flexibility as you will be able to manage many online stores saving you precious time and resources. Online store owners will be able to manage manifold online stores from a single administrative panel and product catalog.

Magento offers an unparalleled option of availing more than fifty payment gateways for integration.

Providing various discounts and promotional packages at the time of checkout can also largely increase your sales.

Features of Magento are as follows –

Search Engine Optimisation

Marketing Promotions and Tools

Mobile Commerce

Analytics and Reporting


International Support

Shipping & Payment

Order Management

Customer Service & Accounts

Magento Extensions:

Default magento themes are good to run a store normally but if you want to add special features to your site you can use Magento Extensions. There are some extra features which every other web owners wants to have on his store. You can even demand a custom extension from any professional Magento Developers. As of templates, some of the extensions are for free but the ones which are developed for specific purpose, come with some cost. Largely, from user point of view, these extensions are utilized to cause transformations from targeted traffic as they are quite an appealing yet easy to use.

Magento Templates:

Templates are also largely converted from PSD to Magento. With newer technologies you can slice and integrate various designs and you can also convert various designs from PSD to Magento. Extensions and plug-in can largely draw customers as they add a glint of exquisiteness to the overall feel and look of the online shopping store. The SEO friendliness of magento is also a driving force for many store owners to prefer it. Magento templates allow you to use multiple languages on a single store along with multiple themes.

The Group Name, Type, Status,Amount, Effect Mark up By Patterns and the Store View information can be changed or added in accordance to the selection of the store owners from the Control Panel. This overriding magento extension modifies store owners to Add Groups from the Back as well as End. You have to go into some general-purpose information in order to add the group. The Online Store owners are allowed to manage this magento extension from the Admin Panel very proficiently. The Cost Based Valuation Magento Extension has been gifted by are very expert team at FME for the sole function of providing on the far side compare dimensions in our extensions to our valuable consumers.

Magento themes and Magento extensions are Customizable and you can give a shape as you desired them to be. Magento templates are the websites developed by professionals, few of them are free of cost as well as similarly a lot of the well-developed models are offered against some cost. Magento templates are simple to control from admin panel and they are quite user friendly as well. Magento just en-vast the size of the e-commerce market, aggregate themes on one store permits you to run multiple stores under single URL as also support Multiple language, that makes you to go for an global business.

The rules of the Cost Based Pricing Magento Extension can be managed from the Rules Manager page on the Back End. Loaded with all-time features, the Cost Supported Pricing these Extension permits store owners to Add Products to Groups. The status of these rules can be modified or deleted from the grid by selecting the Action you want to perform. The products can be filtered by the Group ID, Name, Type, Attribute. The Price, Set Name, Categories, SKU. This can be done by selecting the file you would like to Save As and Click on Export.

This enhanced Magento Extension enables store owners to add general rules to the extension. Lets assume that the store owners wish to apply a certain markup based on a special concept. All they have to do is only chose the Category from the choices as also all the products that have been added to that category will be listed and they can select All and add them to them as group. Also, store owners can set the conditions from the Back End.

The “Link Exchange Directory Pro” is the latest of FME Extension’s products. The world is racing to get to the front! the Link Exchange Directory Pro and increase your ranking! Identifying market gaps and fulfilling them with the help of our skilled workforce has been the goal of FME Extensions. The Link Exchange Directory Pro can be used for different ends, S E O being one of the main ones! We have amalgamated the advantages of link directories with the technology of Magento! This is done to increase the store’s ranking on search engines which can result in higher sales. Magento Store owners can install this extension for the sole purpose of posting their own links on a page. However, the extension is not limited to that. This service can be enabled or disabled from the Back End. It can be used as a proper Directory charges it or allows reciprocal link submission free link posting.

As the selection choice is yours, so select the best and original themes, original templates which are best suited for your business website. To select the default templates or engage some experts for magento template integration,is totally depends on you. Magento Customized theme are unique and it brings creative look and feel, with their appearance to your website will be good enough.

Mostly store owners pay companies to increase through our Link Exchange Directory Pro! As the traffic increases to your store, your sales increase as well. This can have a really positive effect on your online store. Magento Store owners can set up this diverse extension for the sole purpose of posting their own links on the page. This works by when a company or individual submits a link on your store in exchange of your store’s link on their website. Links are normally posted on the directory’s page to increase your store’s ranking on search engines. However, this diverse extension does not restrict our clients to post links on their own page only. The higher the ranking in popular search engines like Google the more number of hits your store is expected to get. Another important feature of the magento extension is that it can be used as a proper Directory where the owner allows free link posting, or charge an amount of money for every link which is posted. Another key feature of the extension is that this service can be enabled or disabled from the Back End. There is also a third option of reciprocal link submission.