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E-Commerce is growing exponentially worldwide. With an increasing number of buyers and sellers trading online nearly 1.66 billion people spent around 2.3 trillion via online retailers which are estimated to nearly double up within the coming years. Such huge amounts of money spend online makes E-Commerce platforms a prime target of malicious attacks leading to data breaches and loss of financial information. This makes taking necessary preventive measures for e-commerce security your number one priority.

E-Commerce Threats That You Should Be Aware Of

Beefing up your e-commerce security is more a case of prevention rather than cure. Running the risk of eCommerce security issues is not worth the trouble as hackers strive to feather e-commerce customers’ nest frequently. With every past year, the methods of these internet robbers are improving which is why it is of utmost important to be aware of the treats and take necessary precautions to defend against them.

  • Cross-Site Scripting: – Hackers intervene by embedding a JavaScript snippet in a vulnerable web page which is used to impersonate website visitors, access cookie data and steal private information from Credit or Debit cards.
  • Phishing: – Phishing scams often come in the form of an email where valid customers are tricked by fake emails into updating their account information or changing their password. These emails usually contain a link that either seeks to steal information or installs malware on a device to gain access to personal information and credit card details.
  • SQL injection: – SQL injection can affect any site or web-based application that utilizes a SQL database. With a SQL injection, the hacker inserts a malicious SQL query inside a packaged payload, which will look like legitimate SQL. This gives the attacker access to the entire database right from viewing customers sensitive information to manipulating entries or creating an entire administrator account to gain full access to the eCommerce system via the backend.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): – A DDoS strategically attacks and overburdens the website’s servers with requests, causing the website to crash. Since DDoS attacks come from many sources, it is quite a challenge to stop the attack. With more devices coming online, DDoS attacks are likely to grow in strength and prevalence.
  • Bad Bots: – Bad Bots infiltrate websites and commits a range of malicious attacks resulting in price scraping, fake shopping carts, login fraud and manipulates with site analytics.
  • Malware: – Often inserted into the merchant website this malicious software can form into worms, viruses, trojans etc. Malware can conduct a wide range of harmful activities from controlling computers and forming a botnet as a part of a more extensive DDoS attack to steal sensitive information or perform spam activities.

Why OSCP For Your E-Commerce Security?

At OSC we make sure that your e-commerce platform can stand up to cyber-attacks and unexpected shutdowns, that can jeopardize your company’s reputation. Our experts offer the best risk management services including supplier and buyer certification, P2P platform credit rating, second party auditing, and many other such services. We work with an aim safeguard your online business.

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