WordPress Security

Today WordPress powers 30% of the web. Around 15% to 20% of the world’s high traffic sites are powered by WordPress. Being an Open Source platform, everyone has access to its Source Code making it a tempting prey for hackers. Most attacks come from countries that are not only restricted to Cloaking, Blackhole Exploit Kit attacks, SQL Injections, Password/Login brake efforts and Clickjacking.
However, if a capable master of the script targets your WordPress site there is really no way to prevent an intrusion. But there are some precautionary actions that should be taken in order to minimize the risks to a certain level. If your WordPress site is well protected the chances of a hacker picking up another vulnerable site are quite high.

Why Secure Your WordPress Site?

WordPress is one of the most popular websites building platforms and has been named as the fastest growing content management system. With around 75 million WordPress websites online and thousands of websites being added every day, there are over 90,000 hack attempts that are being made on WordPress sites every minute of the day.

A hacked WordPress website can damage your online reputation and business as well. Hackers can easily steal passwords, personal information or install malicious software on your WordPress site thereby rendering it to be useless. Unsecured sites are more at risk of getting hacked which is why it is important to keep your site secure.

Most Common WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

  • Poor Hosting Choice: – One of the key components of a well-functioning live website is to have a good web hosting service. The choice you make of a web host affects the security of the WordPress website. Shared and managed hosting are the most popular WordPress hosting services. It is important you to be sure of the hosting and go through the offering in details in order to harden the security of the site.
  • WordPress Login Vulnerabilities: – Login page is the most targeted page of any WordPress website since it’s a gateway to your website. With sophisticated password cracking methods hackers crack a login credential within a few minutes to gain access to the site. Once hackers have access to the WordPress admin dashboard, they have control over the entire website. Using a strong username and password can significantly reduce the threat of a hack.
  • Outdated Themes and Plugins: – To patch these security loopholes it is important for the developers to release updates from time to time. In case, if you skip these updates, it will bring your WordPress site at risk. Stats show that most of the hacks happen due to outdated themes or plugin vulnerability. Keeping themes or plugins up-to-date helps strengthen the website’s security.
  • PHP & JS Exploits: – WordPress like any other software consists of files and folders that have a function to perform. While uploading the folders are writable which may open doors to potential attackers. Hackers may find a way to upload a PHP code, execute it and then gain remote access to the site and steal information. To prevent this is important that you should nip PHP exploits in the bud. Disabling PHP execution in certain folders will go a long way in securing your website.

Why Choose OSC for WordPress Security?

We at OSC take pride in offering the most scalable and professional WordPress solutions to our clients. Owning to our reputation we deliver the highest quality standards of services to our clients. We possess a team of highly knowledgeable WordPress developers that keep themselves updated with the latest developments in WordPress.

How We Do It?

We begin the process of hardening your WordPress website with a comprehensive audit. Next, we focus on the standard vulnerabilities of your site. Once we have identified the potential security threats our experts put together a strategic action plan with a timeline to implement and prioritize the most serious problems first.

Our team analyzes your requirement first and then offer you a solution that is focused on enhancing your online presence in the market. We make sure that our cost-effective solutions help you get the true value for your investment.

Services We Offer: –

  • SSL certificate
  • Hosting Services
  • WordPress Version Updates
  • Routine Plugin Updates
  • Installation of Security Monitoring Software
  • User Logins and Access Control
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Migration to Https
  • Storage Space
  • Optimization
  • AMP
  • Storage Space
  • Enhanced Site Loading Speed
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