Why Street Marketing Still Matters in a Tech-Driven World



Although the world is now run by our mobile devices and many people find the products and services they like through their screens, there is still merit in creating in-person interactions. A lot of marketing is created in a digital format now, but humans themselves are not digital and still wander outside every once in a while to experience the world. As a business, big or small, this is why street marketing still matters in a tech-driven world.

Tangible Experiences

While most interactions between businesses and customers happen online now, street marketing offers a chance for customers to ask questions to ambassadors of the brand and get real-time answers. Businesses that participate in street marketing are showing potential customers that they are run by real people, not robots, and they care about public opinion.

Creating events centered around product launches or rebrands is a great way to show local communities what kind of business you run. This makes a memorable experience for the customer that they will always remember whenever they choose to purchase something from your company.

Customer Interactions

Sometimes a conversation between two people is enough to convince someone to make a purchase. Street marketers who are handing out free stuff to passers-by have the chance to show customers how their products work and how they can benefit them. If this sounds like something that will boost public awareness about your business, then you could check out the street team marketing services that are available in your area. They can get people on the ground promoting your brand in no time and soon you will see more traffic to your website and store. Street marketers will become well-versed in your company’s values and products so that when they go out and have customer interactions, the customers will leave with a better understanding and appreciation for your brand.

QR Code Placements

In collaboration with online marketing campaigns, brand ambassadors who set up tents at events or hand out cards or flyers on the street with QR codes on them are instantly getting traffic to your website or social media channels. QR codes are the fastest and easiest way to get potential customers to check out your marketing content because all they have to do is use their smartphone cameras to scan the code and explore.

QR codes can be made into stickers and stuck onto power boxes, street lights, or even in the windows of businesses so that people who walk by can scan them if the store looks interesting but they don’t have time to stop in. Street marketers who are passing out SWAGs like hats, bags, water bottles, or whatever else people like receiving at big events can point out that if the person scans the QR code, they will get some kind of discount. This encourages traffic to the business’s website and also gives a good first impression because the potential customer gets something for free with the brand’s logo on it.

Complementing Digital Campaigns

Digital and physical marketing campaigns can go hand in hand. Along the same lines as the usage of QR codes, street marketing can align and even lead customers to a business’s digital marketing campaign. For example, if a company is trying to promote a new style of shoe, the street marketers can walk around in the shoes, passing out things like keychains of a miniature version of the shoe or stickers in different colors with the shoe on them, all with the company’s logo easily visible. The customers can then take those items and, in looking at them, decide to go on the company’s social media channels to see the shoe being advertised in a digital way online.

This penetration into people’s consciousness in both physical and digital forms makes it more likely that they will consider buying the new product. These days, only having a physical marketing campaign does not have enough reach to an intended audience, but pairing it with a digital marketing campaign reinforces a brand’s efforts and results in a well-rounded experience for the customer.



Product Sampling

No matter how good quality photos are online, the best way for a potential customer to know if they will like your product is to try it in real life. Street marketing puts representatives in communities to distribute sample sizes of products so that people can judge for themselves what they think of a product. This technique can be implemented in grocery stores, outside of targeted establishments, and at events like concerts and races.

Bringing your products to the people, especially if you are introducing a new product, can get people immediately hooked and lead them to head to the store to buy it. Along with the product, you can give out business cards or have specific packaging that gives the potential customers all of the information they need to know about your business from the name to your social media channels.


With so many online brands out there these days, creating a physical street marketing campaign for your business builds its credibility. Before a person purchases a product online, they like to know if the brand is legitimate, so interacting with brand ambassadors on the street proves that your business is real and capable of being a physical business as well as a digital one. With some skepticism about online advertising and people often swiping past online ads, creating a few opportunities where you put real people on the streets and give potential customers small free gifts is an experience that they cannot swipe away.

The authentic presence of brand ambassadors at launch events brings the product right to the attention of people who have maybe heard of the brand before or are new to the concept of your products. Representing the business as a sponsor of different events is also a great way to give your brand credibility and bring in new customers.



Whether it’s being handed a free keychain on the street or spinning a wheel to win a prize at a sponsored event, customers still love interacting with businesses in the context of street marketing. As long as people still go outside to experience the world, street marketing will be an invaluable part of the marketing campaign of any business.

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