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When and how to advertise your Shopify store using Instagram Reels

1. QuickRead

Undoubtedly, the strongest social media platform to be on right now is Instagram. Instagram helps brands to communicate with their future shoppers, develop a partnership, and create a loyal audience with 1 billion monthly active users. This is why brands need to jump to every new feature launched on the web, including Instagram Reels, the latest content format.
Instagram Reels allows you to make interactive videos right inside the app, add effects and stitch the video together. This content has its own ‘Explore’ page where individuals can view distinct reels back on the type of content they want and interact more with the profile.
Reels are a fantastic asset as an online shop to assist you with your consumer acquisition and amplify your development in social media. Let ‘s dive into why Instagram Reels are worth investing in and how you can create reels for the Instagram profile of your Shopify store.

2. Benefits of your profile from making Instagram Reels

Instagram has placed Reels as a discovery content that users can swipe through and watch. The platform exposes your Reels to customers whose browsing history and tastes fit the content you make. In this way, your exposure to new and important audiences is high, helping you to gain them as followers.
For example, if you’ve liked home decor posts, you’re going to start seeing a lot of Reels from the brands that sell home decor, and you’re going to discover their items!
You can use this interactive video format to build your content right inside the app, no external software or equipment required. You can use philtres and effects to turn a basic concept into a visual killer.
Many brands use Reels to tell storeys and establish a relationship with new audiences to learn more about the brand. What’s more, Instagram promotes Reels more, shows them on the news feed, and even creates a dedicated page where users can browse through them.
As an online shop, you need to start making Reels right away in order to reach new audiences quickly. Instagram’s Reel tools make it simpler for us to get started with this format. With the selection of philtres, effects and transitions available, you can create a fun Reel in no time at all!

3. Reels Styles You Can Make for Your Brand Shop

As a video format, there are a number of ways you can use Reels to expand the scope of your Shopify brand. Here are the 6 types of reels you can experiment creating:

How-tos of Product

Show shoppers the various ways they can use your Reel items. Such content enables customers to imagine
the various applications that one product has and makes them willing to buy an item if they are already interested.
Brand how-to is a perfect way to show the brand to new markets, since it doesn’t burden shoppers with
too much knowledge about the brand in general.

Offer inspiration

You don’t just need to stick to your own goods when making Reels. You may also expand your scope to produce Reels that are important to the needs of customers within your industry.
Use your Reels to give shoppers an idea of how they can change their lifestyle and develop themselves as an expert in your industry.
For example, many furniture brands are making Reels to demonstrate how people can set up their homes for WFH scenes and even turn them back to the lounge once their workday is over.
On the other hand, if you have an online fashion and apparel shop, you can make mini-videos on various ways to dress your collection or demonstrate how your customers put on your clothing store.

Behind the Scenes

Give shoppers a look at who you are and who your brand is by creating a Reel behind the scenes. Use the video to show how you came up with specific designs or products, the inspiration behind them, and even show how they are made. These behind the scenes can also include a glimpse of how your team works together or the culture of your team members.
This look inside your brand will make you more relatable. Viewers will feel that your brand is more straightforward, making them want to be associated with you.


Are you coming up with a new campaign or a new product? Using Reels to take a 15-second look at the new edition. You can make a concept preview, some planning or training clips, or even send hints and ask your viewers to guess what you’re launching.
With such a teaser, you can introduce new viewers to the mystery and make them follow your profile so that they can learn more about the product or campaign.

Show how to solve problems

Consumers enjoy the fun content that is shared as Reels. By producing imaginative reels about how your brand makes people’s day easier or how it addresses a particular pain point, you can also create such lighthearted content.
Use your Reels to show how people’s lives will be without your products, or to show how your products contribute to the lives of your shoppers. For example, if you’re selling coffee, you might make a Reel about how people experience their day without coffee, and then show how life is with coffee.

Content Created by the User

To build your reels, you don’t need to produce content from scratch. Tap into content created by users, showing how your goods are used by other consumers. Since it will not push some polished and advertised content, such content is sure to create credibility.
Instead, from a customer’s perspective, these reels would be more authentic. Because of this, your UGC Reels will gain better reach and allow you to build your brand’s reputation.

4. How to create Reels for the Instagram profile of your Shopify Store

Creating a reel can seem super complicated at first glance. But, with a quick tour and testing, you can master the art of sewing various clips together and making magic from your reels.
Here are a few editing tools and elements available to anyone who makes a Reel:


When you record a Reel, you can pause and adjust the frame and start recording again. On the left side of the record button, you can find all the clips you’ve shot and delete or rearrange them to stitch your video together.


Connect separate audio to your Reel like a voiceover, a popular track, or even music. You can select a voiceover from a music library or pre-record it and add it to your video.

Speed Up

Speed up or slow down portions of your video or audio to create the vibe you’re looking for, whether you want a slow motion video to capture emotions and concentrate on your product or make your video fit to a particular beat.


Choose from Instagram’s vast philtre library and AR effects to transform your video and bring your innovative ideas to life. Instagram has philtres like a green screen that allow you to add a natural background to the subject in your clip.


Attach a timer when you want the app to start recording. This helps you to position your phone on a stand or a tripod and record hands-free.


If you focus on a single object and make separate clips that use different backgrounds, you can use the align tool when filming to align the object within the frame.

5. Get Started With Reels To Increase Your Instagram Store Reach

We hope this guide helps you get started with Instagram Reel and enables you to use this content format to expand your Instagram after that and to acquire new shoppers for your Shopify store.
With Instagram’s growing user base, it ‘s crucial for Shopify stores to keep an eye out for new features and use them on the go. Instagram favours potential users to their features and improves their profile for new viewers as well as their current follower base. By using the latest features as they are published, you can get the Instagram algorithm to favour you.
But the argument here is a little different. Considering how famous Instagram Reels is in your audience, we think it’s the right time to tap!

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